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we support our troops                                              powmia

for god and country since 1919

Welcome To American Legion Memorial Post 419

Membership Meetings

General Membership meetings for the Legion, Auxiliary & SAK are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m.. The Executive Committee meets before all meetings at 6:30 p.m.

The Post Hall is the gathering place for our events.

post hall
Americal Legion Memorial Post 419 Hall

It is available for rentals.  Contact the Hall Manager, Deb Houchins, at 313-410-7153 (e-mail:

Current Membership Stats:

  • Legion: 314
  • Auxiliary: 126
  • S.A.L.: 114
  • A.L. Riders: 14
  • A.L. Rider Supporters: 6

Newsletter and Monthly Calendar

Dues Reminder

All Dues for American Legion, Auxiliary & SAL are due now! If you're unsure what the fee is for your organization dues, please check with your group's membership contact:

  • Legion: Red Johnson (734-878-9927)
  • Auxiliary: Linda Wallace (734-878-6633)
  • SAL: Dave Stephen (734-883-5169)

Legion Officers for 2016-2017

  • Commander: Butch Ely
  • Sr. Vice Commander: Red Johnson
  • Adjutant: Mike Steuer
  • Finance Officer: John Dinkel
  • Chaplain: Terry Smith
  • Historian: Tom Kaiser III
  • Sgt. at Arms: Jim Beaudoin
  • Judge Advocate: Jim Wallace
  • Service Officer: Ed (Chip) Kersie
  • Executive Board:
    Don Labelle
    Duane LaSage
    Montie Ocha
    Dave Ryder
    Karl Rost