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Ongoing Legion Events - Post 419

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Contact person for each organization for any questions:

Legion: Red Johnson (734-878-9927)

Auxiliary: Linda Wallace (734-878-6633)

S.A.L.: Dave Stephen (734-883-5169)

VA Benefits

If you have any questions about who is eligible for VA Hospital care, prescriptions, and other services call our Post Service Officer: Ed (Chip) Kersie @ 616-446-5346

Engraved Brick Paver Forms Available

Purchase a brick paver to honor your military family member. Order forms are available at the post. Two size brick pavers are available: 4"x8" for $50 donation and an 8"x8" for $100 donation. Pick your form up today!

Post Honor Guard

The Honor Guard is looking for new members! Honor guard practice is on the 2nd Saturday of the each month. The meetings begin at 9 am sharp. For more information, please contact Mike Steuer at 248-569-4090 or at 

Every Third Month - Building Fund Raffle

Tickets are now available at the Post. Please contact: Jim Wallace at 734-878-6633 for more information

Updated May 5, 2017
American Legion Post 419