Open Bids & Bid Results

Open Bids & Bid Results

Purchasing Agent

Brittany K. Campbell, the Utilities Coordinator in the Utilities Department, is also the Township's Purchasing Agent. She may be contacted by phone at 810.222.1193 or at 810.231.1000 Ext. 210 during normal business hours.

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 Open Bids

02/25/2019 - Request For Proposal for Banking Services

Due: March 25, 2019
To be awarded: April 16, 2019
Hamburg Township is seeking proposals from qualified banking institutions to provide banking services as described within the attached document. The Township is looking for a bank that will handle our core accounts and vast majority of the Township's transaction activity along with investment opportunities. The Board intends to begin the transfer process from our existing bank beginning in May 2019. Please see attached RFP for further project details.

acrobatpdf  View the Request For Proposal.

Please note that any addenda or attachments to this RFP shall be posted as they become available.

acrobatpdf  Addendum #1 for Banking Services RFP - Analysis Statement.

Questions regarding the bid specifications should be directed to the Hamburg Township Treasurer, Jason Negri, at: Telephone: (810) 231-1000 Ext. 204; Direct line:(810) 222-1151 or via Email at jnegri@hamburg.mi.us

02/28/2019 - Duty Engine Bid Specifications & Request for Propsal 

Due: March 29, 2019
The Hamburg Township Fire Department is accepting sealed bids for the furnishing of all necessary labor, equipment, and material for one (1) motorized Pumper Fire Apparatus and associated equipment, as defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, 2016 Edition as outlined in the attached specifications.

acrobatpdf  View the Cover Letter for RFP.                          acrobatpdf  View the Request For Proposal.

Questions regarding the bid specifications should be directed to the Hamburg Township Fire Chief, Nick Miller, at: Telephone: (810) 222-1104 or via Email at nmiller@hamburg.mi.us

Bid Results - shall be posted as they become available.

 acrobatpdf Bid tab for RFP for Banking Services.

acrobatpdf Bid tab for Duty Engine/Pumper Fire Apparatus.

Bidding Policy

Formal sealed competitive bids shall be obtained for all purchases in excess of $20,000.00. Bids shall be procured through a public advertisement requesting bids or by invitation to vendors selected by the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees.

Published bids shall appear in the local paper of record or appropriate trade journal and placed on the Township's web site for no less than 2 weeks prior to bid opening.

All bids must be received by the Township Clerk no later than the time indicated in the advertisement or invitation for bids.

All bids will be time stamped by the Clerk or his/her designee at the time of receipt to ensure compliance with this provision.

All bids which arrive late shall be returned unopened to the respective bidder.

All bids must be sealed when received.

All bids which are unsealed prior to the formal bid opening will be noted as such and not be considered.

Bids will be opened by the Clerk or his/her designee at the place and time described in the advertisement or invitation and shall be open to the public.

All bids will be recorded by the Township Clerk, or his/her designee. The contact person will notify the prospective bidders when the Board of Trustees has made an award.

The Township reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, in whole or in part, and accept only the bids/proposal deemed to be in the best interests of the Township.

The Township shall make every effort to post the results of the bids within a reasonable amount of time after the bid opening.

Updated February 28, 2019