Michigan Plats For Hamburg Township

Michigan Plats for Hamburg Township

For the ease of use of our website's patrons, these files have been downloaded from the State of Michigan's LARA's web pages.  To view the documents click on the linkied .tif number.0982901156910118970011997201

IDPLATS-NumberPLAT NameLast LARA UpdateHamburg Notestif Numbertif Sizetif file
1PLATS-39776APPLETON SUB1/12/2019 4687601.tif248.26 KB1
4PLATS-48597BOB WHITE BEACH1/11/2019 1697802209.21 KB1
2PLATS-55133BOB WHITE BEACH BOULEVARD (1 SHEET)1/16/2019 6161701.tif191.12 KB1
3PLATS-48597BOB-WHITE BEACH1/11/2019 1697801.tif289.78 KB1
6PLATS-73596CADY'S POINT COMFORT SUB1/13/2019 4345701.tif185.971
5PLATS-73596CADY'S POINT COMFORT SUB1/12/2019 4345702.tif61.64 KB1
7PLATS-73596CADY'S POINT COMFORT SUB1/13/2019 4345703.tif28.47 KB1
8PLATS-39977CREEK AND MEADOWS SUB NO 11/12/2019 5053501.tif169.79 kb1
9PLATS-39979CREEK AND MEADOWS SUBDIVISION NO. 21/14/2019 5319001.tif179.01 KB1
10PLATS-39979CREEK AND MEADOWS SUBDIVISION NO. 21/14/2019 5319002.tif157.09 KB1
20PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 1997201.tif461.39 KB1
19PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 1997202.tif397.71 KB1
18PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 1997203.tif77.20 KB1
17PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 1997204.tif33.31 KB1
16PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 1997205.tif40.30 KB1
21PLATS_48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/12/2019 1997206.tif52.63 KB1
23PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/12/2019 1997207.tif48.05 KB1
24PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/12/2019 1997208.tif42.761
11PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 1997209.tif44.50 kb1
15PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 1997210.tif53.72 KB1
22PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/12/2019 1997211.tif45.06KB1
14PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 1997212.tif66.96 KB1
13PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 1997213.tif79.37 kb1
12PLATS-48823CRYSTAL BEACH SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 1997214.tif99.35 kb1
27PLATS-48579DEBRAAFI'S SUBDIVISION NO. 21/14/2019 5840001.tif103.04 KB1
28PLATS-48579DEBRAAFI'S SUBDIVISION NO. 21/15/2019 5840002.tif105.741
26PLATS-48579DEBRAFI'S SUBDIVISION NO. 21/14/2019 5840003.tif92.38 KB1
32PLATS-711EAGLE RUN1/15/2019 6278801.tif212.27 KB1
29PLATS-711EAGLE RUN1/15/2019 6278802.tif200.811
30PLATS-711EAGLE RUN1/15/2019 6278803.tif189.94 KB1
31PLATS-711EAGLE RUN1/15/2019 6278804.tif146.28 KB1
35PLATS-68445EDGEWOOD SHORES EST1/12/2019 2419501.tif317.89 KB1
33PLATS-68445EDGEWOOD SHORES EST1/10/2019 2419502.tif227.43 KB1
34PLATS-68445EDGEWOOD SHORES EST1/10/2019 2419503.tif227.43 KB1
37PLATS-39976ENDRES ACRES1/14/2019 5313601.tif123.95 KB1
38PLATS-39976ENDRES ACRES1/14/2019 5313602.tif128.111
36PLATS-39976ENDRES ACRES1/14/2019 5313603.tif104.81 KB1
39PLATS-48584FAIRFIELD1/11/2019 3583401.tif196.22 KB1
40PLATS-49844FEATHERLY'S LAKE VIEW SUB1/11/2019 2802101.tif231.61 KB1
41PLATS-54029FOX RUN SUBDIVISION1/15/2019 6150901.tif165.60 KB1
42PLATS-54029FOX RUN SUBDIVISION1/15/2019 6150902.tif226.18 KB1
43PLATS-48834GLENROYLET NO. 21/12/2019 3790801.tif371.56 KB1
44PLATS-48835GLENROYLET NO. 31/11/2019 3989101.tif270.81 KB1
45PLATS-48837GLENROYLET NO. 41/12/2019 4433201.tif259.36 KB1
56PLATS-48226GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786901.tif286.82 KB1
54PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786902.tif222.72 KB1
62PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786903.tif56.89 KB1
61PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786904.tif55.50 KB1
65PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/12/2019 1786905.tif63.74 KB1
60PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786906.tif45.45 KB1
68PLATs-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/12/2019 1786907.tif13.03 KB1
59PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786908.tif71.25 KB1
58PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786909.tif33.89 KB1
57PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786910.tif40.16 KB1
55PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786911.tif51.60 KB1
46PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786912.tif46.51 KB1
47PLATS-488826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786913.tif42.20 KB1
63PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786914.tif44.03 KB1
53PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786915.tif51.75 KB1
52PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786916.tif43.16 KB1
51PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786917.tif62.981 KB1
50PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786918.tif73.71 KB1
49PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786919.tif94.82 KB1
66PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/12/2019 1786920.tif60.19 KB1
64PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/12/2019 1786921.tif34.84 KB1
48PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/10/2019 1786922.tif60.82 KB1
67PLATS-48826GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES1/12/2019 1786923.tif19.896 KB1
69PLATS-30686GLENWOOD ON THE LAKES, AM.P. OF LOT 59, LOT 60,1/15/2019 6801401.tif223.05 KB1
70plats-49843HAARER SUBDIVISION1/10/2019 2616601.tif370.36 KB1
71PLATS-48824HALF MOON LAKE NO. 1  4894601.tif121.61 KB1
72PLATS-48824HALF MOON LAKE NO. 1  4894602.tif320.671
83PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0981908.tif44.03 KB1
81PLATS-6844HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982901.tif209.92 kb1
85PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982902.tif71.25 KB1
82PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982903.tif33.89 KB1
78PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982904.tif40.16 KB1
80PLATS-6844HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982905.tif51.60 kb1
84PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982906.tif46.51 KB1
79PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982907.tif42.20 KB1
73PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982909.tif51.75 KB1
77PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982910.tif43.16 KB1
76PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982911.tif62.91 KB1
75PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982912.tif73.71.KB1
74PLATS-68444HAMBURG, VILL OF (NOT INC.)1/9/2019 0982913.tif94.82 KB1
99PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262901.tif467.65 KB1
98PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262902.tif413.74 KB1
97PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262903.tif34.49 KB1
96PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262904.tif77.20 KB1
95PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262905.tif33.31 KB1
94PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262906.tif40.30 KB1
87PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262907.tif52.63 KB1
101PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/12/2019 2262908.tif48.05 KB1
100PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262909.tif42.76 KB1
93PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262910.tif44.50 KB1
92PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262911.tif53.72 KB1
91PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262912.tif 1
90PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262913.tif66.96 KB1
89PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262914.tif79.37 KB1
88PLATS-48582HIAWATHA BEACH1/10/2019 2262915.tif99.35 KB1
102PLATS-48580HINCKLEY'S PLAT (VACATED)1/9/2019 1569101.tif236.89 KB1
103PLATS-48580HINCKLEY'S PLAT (VACATED)1/9/2019 1569102.tif188.99 KB1
104PLATS-48583HUNTER'S HEIGHT1/10/2019 2909801.tif235.42 KB1
105PLATS-48586HURON HEIGHT SUB1/12/2019 4643101.tif215.28 KB1
106PLATS-73597HURON OAKS SUBDIVISION1/14/2019 5795101.tif158.36 KB1
107PLATS-73597HURON OAKS SUBDIVISION1/14/2019 5795102.tif125.42 KB1
108PLATS-73597HURON OAKS SUBDIVISION1/14/2019 5795103.tif121.97 KB1
110PLATS-48587HURON RIVER HIGHLANDS1/14/2019 5576201.tif224.56 KB1
111PLATS-48587HURON RIVER HIGHLANDS1/14/2019 5576202.tif219.31 KB1
112PLATS-48587HURON RIVER HIGHLANDS1/14/2019 5576203.tif183.38 KB1
109PLATS-48587HURON RIVER HIGHLANDS1/14/2019 5576204.tif206.77 KB1
125PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607701.tif234.52 KB1
124PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607702.tif61.28 KB1
127PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607703.tif27.54 KB1
123PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607704.tif77.58 KB1
122PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607705.tif33.72 KB1
121PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607706.tif40.07 KB1
120PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607707.tif52.75 KB1
119PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607708.tif48.25 KB1
113PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607709.tif43.60 KB1
118PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607710.tif44.68 KB1
126PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607711.tif53.97 KB1
117PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607712.tif45.59KB1
116PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607713.tif67.10 KB1
115PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607714.tif79.04 KB1
114PLATS-48574ISLAND LAKE SHORES, SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/10/2019 2607715.tif99.11 KB1
128PLATS-48841LAC-BEAU-RIVERIA1/12/2019 4797101.tif195.79 KB1
129PLATS-48841LAC-BEAU-RIVERIA1/12/2019 4797102.tif185.06 KB1
130PLATS-49846LAKE VIEW SHORES NUMBER11/11/2019 4129201.tif197.38 KB1
131PLATS-53309LAKELAND HILLS ESTATES1/15/2019 6115601.tif233.72 KB1
132PLATS-53309LAKELAND HILLS ESTATES1/15/2019 6115602.tif196.93 KB1
133PLATS-53309LAKELAND HILLS ESTATES1/15/2019 6115603.tif99.02 KB1
145PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097901.tif318.33 KB1
144PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097902.tif283.88 KB1
143PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097903.tif77.20 KB1
142PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097904.tif33.31 KB1
141PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097905.tif40.30 KB1
134PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097906.tif52.63 KB1
140PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097907.tif48.05 KB1
146PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097908.tif42.76 KB1
139PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097909.tif44.50 KB1
138PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097910.tif53.72 KB1
137PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097911.tif45.06 KB1
136PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097912.tif66.96 KB1
135PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097913.tif79.37 KB1
147PLATS-73610LAKESIDE HEIGHT1/10/2019 2097914.tif99.35 KB1
148PLATS-2024LAKEWOOD MEADOWS1/14/2019 6241301.tif147.35 KB1
149PLATS-2024LAKEWOOD MEADOWS1/15/2019 6241302.tif158.86 KB1
150PLATS-2024LAKEWOOD MEADOWS1/15/2019 6241303.tif92.27 KB1
156PLATS-657MILL CREST MOORS1/15/2019 6288301.tif306.54 KB1
155PLATS-657MILL CREST MOORS1/15/2019 6288302.tif235.40 KB1
154PLATS-657MILL CREST MOORS1/15/2019 6288303.tif227.25 KB1
158PLATS-657MILL CREST MOORS1/15/2019 6288304.tif204.15 KB1
151PLATS-657MILL CREST MOORS1/15/2019 6288305.tif235.40 KB1
153PLATS-657MILL CREST MOORS1/15/2019 6288306.tif236.10 KB1
157PLATS-657MILL CREST MOORS1/15/2019 6288307.tif306.54 KB1
152PLATS-657MILL CREST MOORS1/15/2019 6288308.tif177.581
159PLATS-48829MUMFORD PARK  3311601.tif321.76 KB1
160PLATS-48831MUMFORD PARK NO. 21/11/2019 3353301.tif214.47 KB1
161PLATS-48832MUMFORD PARK NO. 41/11/2019 3408301.tif180.00 KB1
162PLATS-48832MUMFORD PARK NO. 41/11/2019 3408302.tif259.17 KB1
163PLATS-48838NEWTON PLAINS1/12/2019 4544301.tif209.95 KB1
164PLATS-48578O'CONNOR L.R. SUBDIVISION1/14/2019 5549301.tif156.85 KB1
165PLATS-48578O'CONNOR L.R. SUBDIVISION1/15/2019 5549302.tif186.83 KB1
184PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/12/2019 2098601.tif308.73 KB1
174PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098602.tif261.821
179PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098603.tif67.70 KB1
181PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098604.tif77.20KB1
1783988874ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098605.tif33.31 KB1
177PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098607.tif 1
182PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/12/2019 2098608.tif48.05 KB1
17639984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098609.tif42.76 KB1
180PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098610.tif44.50 KB1
173PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098611.tif53.72 KB1
167PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098612.tif45.06 KB1
168PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098613.tif66.96 KB1
169PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098614.tif79.37 KB1
183PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/12/2019 2098615.tif99.35 KB1
170PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098616.tif42.02 KB1
175PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098617.tif70.05 KB1
166PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098618.tif77.73 KB1
172PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098619.tif53.77 KB1
171PLATS-39984ORE LAKE HEIGHT SUB1/10/2019 2098620.tif53.62 KB1
185PLATS-54221ORE LAKE HGTS SUBDIVISION, AMENDEDP. OF LTS 1 THRU 8 ....1/15/2019 6424301.tif307.35 KB1
195PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641001.tif392.69 KB1
200PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/12/2019 2641002.tif77.58 KB1
197PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641003.tif43.60 KB1
196PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641003.tif33.72 KB1
194PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641004.tif40.07 KB1
192PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641006.tif48.25 KB1
198PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/12/2019 2641007.tif43.60 KB1
186PLATS_399987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641008.tif44.68 KB1
190PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641009.tif53.97 KB1
191PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641009.tif53.97 KB1
189PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641010.tif45.59 KB1
187PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641011.tif67.10 KB1
188PLATS - 39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641012.tif79.04 KB1
199PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2641013.tif99.11 KB1
193PLATS-39987ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS1/11/2019 2651005.tif52.75 KB1
208PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641001.tif392.69 KB1
210PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641002.tif77.58 KB1
209PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641003.tif33.72 KB1
212PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641003.tif99.11 KB1
207PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641004.tif40.07 KB1
206PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641005.tif52.76 KB1
204PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641006.tif48.25 KB1
205PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641006.tif48.25 KB1
211PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641007.tif43.60 KB1
214PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641008.tif44.68 KB1
203PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641009.tif53.97 KB1
213PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641010.tif45.59 KB1
201PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641011.tif67.10 KB1
202PLATS-48590ORE LAKE LITTLE FARMS SUBDIVISION1/11/2019 2641102.tif79.04 KB1
216PLATS-39981ORE LAKE RESORT1/11/2019 3395701.tif221.72 KB1
215PLATS-39981ORE LAKE RESORT1/11/2019 3395702.tif141.71 KB1
217PLATS-39991ORE LAKE RESORT SUB SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/11/2019 3395701.tif221.72 KB1
218PLATS-39991ORE LAKE RESORT SUB SUPERVISOR PLAT OF1/11/2019 3395702.tif141.71 KB1
233PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098701.tif417.22 KB1
232PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098702.tif374.09 KB1
231PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098703.tif70.62 KB1
230PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098704.tif77.20 K<B1
229PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098705.tif33.31 KB1
228PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098706.tif53.72 KB1
235olats-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098707.TIF52.643 kb1
225PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098708.tif48.05 KB1
226PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098709.tif42.76 KB1
221PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098710.tif44.50 KB1
227PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098711.tif53.72 KB1
223PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098712.tif45.06 KB1
224PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098713.tif66.96 KB1
222PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098714.tif79.37 KB1
234PLATS-39985ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB1/10/2019 2098715.tif99.35 KB1
219PLATS-54031ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB, AMENDED PLAT OF LOTS 1,2,6-13 BLOCK 13; LOTS 1-4, 10-21 BLOCK 15; LOTS 1-18 BLOCK 18 N VALLEY1/15/2019 6151101.tif172.24 KB1
220PLATS-54031ORE LAKE SHORES COUNTRY CLUB, AMENDED PLAT OF LOTS 1,2,6-13 BLOCK 13; LOTS 1-4, 10-21 BLOCK 15; LOTS 1-18 BLOCK 18 N VALLEY1/15/2019 6151102.tif159.00 KB1
245PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802601.tif378.13 KB1
244PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802602.tif77.58 KB1
243PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802603.tif33.72 KB1
242PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802604.tif40.07 KB1
241PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802605.tif52.75 KB1
246PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802606.tif48.25 KB1
239PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802608.tif44.68 KB1
247PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802609.tif53.97 KB1
238PLATS - 39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802610.tif45.59 KB1
237PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/1019 2802611.tif67.10 KB1
236PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802612.tif79.04 KB1
240PLATS-39988ORE LAKE SUB DIV. NO. 11/11/2019 2802613.tif99.11 KB1
248PLATS-7079PAWNEE PARK1/15/2019 6004501.tif161.31 KB1
249PLATS-7079PAWNEE PARK1/15/2019 6004502.tif114.50 KB1
260PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1807008.tif33.89 KB1
259PLATSA-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897001.tif275.74 KB1
266PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897002.tif212.60 KB1
264PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897003.tif41.49 KB1
268PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/12/2019 1897004.tif75.74 KB1
263PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897005.tif15.59 KB1
262PLATS 48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897006.tif74.70 KB1
261PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897007.tif71.25 KB1
265PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897009.tif40.16 KB1
257PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897010.tif51.60 KB1
250PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897011.tif46.51 KB1
267PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/12/2019 1897012.tif42.20 KB1
251PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897013.tif44.03 KB1
253PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897014.tif51.75 KB1
252PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897014.tif51.75 KB1
254PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897015.tif43.16 KB1
255PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897016.tif62.91 KB1
256PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH1/10/2019 1897017.tif73.71. KB1
258PLATS-48599PINE BLUFF ANNEX TO BOB-WHITE BEACH10/10/2019 1897018.tif94.82 KB1