Cemeteries and Mausoleum

Headstones, Markers, Memorials and Floral Remembrances


  • All monuments or markers shall be placed in an area at the head of the burial space designated for placement of monuments and markers.  The combination of two or more lots to accommodate family markers must be presented and approved by the Cemetery Administrator.
  • If a second monument or marker is desired, it shall be flush with the ground.
  • All memorials and markers must be comprised of stone, metal or other equally durable composition.
  • All monuments shall face the same direction as the markers and memorials around them.
  • All monuments and markers will be placed on concrete foundations that will be a minimum of 4 inches in depth (depending on monument size) and will extend a minimum of 2 inches on all sides of the monument. 
  • Concrete foundations will be installed by Township at a cost set forth in the Township’s fee schedule. Click here for Request for Monument/Marker Foundation form.
  • The Township accepts no responsibility for the damage, loss or disappearance of any monument, statue, plaque, marker, decoration or other item placed upon or left at grave spaces.
  • Memorial displays or symbols, whether temporary or permanent, proposed or actually installed in a Hamburg Township Cemetery, containing wording, art, sculptures, or illustrations shall be submitted to and approved by the Cemetery Committee before being installed.  The name, date of birth, date of death and other pertinent information are allowable.  Information pertaining to military markers or displays may include rank and military branch affiliation.  Religious or faith based displays or symbols are permitted but limited to those symbols approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs for display in a federal cemetery, assuming that all other requirements established by the Township are met.  Applicants shall have a right to appeal any decision of the Cemetery Committee to the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees.  Hamburg Township has the right to remove any unapproved materials or displays.
  • All name plaques for the Mausoleum are to be ordered through the Township.  Medallions furnished by the Department of Veterans Affairs are permitted along with the name plaque but shall be limited to the small size (2’Wx 1-1/2”Hx 1/3”D) for any niche and medium size (3-3/4”Wx2-7/8”Hx ¼”D) for any crypt.  Click here for a link to the Livingston County Veterans' Services website.

Plantings, Floral Items, Statues, Vigil Lights and Other Types of Commemorative Items

  • Monuments, plantings, statues, vigil lights and other types of commemorative items are permitted at the head of the burial space but shall not exceed the width of the grave. There will be no other plantings or items of any type on the space or adjoining walkways. Violation of this section shall result in the removal of items without notice.
  • Fresh cut or artificial flowers may be placed on burial spaces at any time. They will be removed when they become unsightly or fade. Plastic or metal containers may be used. Glass containers of any type are prohibited.  Coping, fences, curbing, steps, benches, arches or other supports are prohibited.
  • Christmas wreaths and grave blankets are permitted beginning at Thanksgiving and must be removed no later than March 15th. After such date, all items will be removed and disposed of by the Township.
  • The Township accepts no responsibility for the damage, loss or disappearance of any decoration or other item placed upon or left at grave spaces.
Click her for Request for Monument/Marker Foundations


Updated: April 17, 2018

Cemeteries and Mausoleum