Channel 191 - Hamburg Township Television

Channel 191 - Hamburg Township Television

About Hamburg Township Television

Hamburg Township Television is Hamburg Township's government access cable television station and has been in full time operations since 2001.


Channel 191

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, Charter Communications Cable TV Network relocated the channel to the Channel 191 slot.

The Channel operates 24/7/365 over the Charter Communications Cable Television Network  on Channel 191.   (Formerly, Channels 99 and 993, which served Hamburg Township and its environs and earlier, over Channel 18. The station feed is now on its third location since operations began.)

Channel station broadcasting facilities are located in a room just off of the Township Board Meeting Room in the Hamburg Township Hall located at 10405 Merrill Road, Hamburg.

Channel operations are a part of the functions of the Hamburg Township Department of Technical Services.

Internet/Video/Cable TV Service Complaints

The first step you take in attempting to resolve issues with your service provider is to contact them directly.

If you are unable to resolve the issues with your service provider directly, you may contact the Michigan Public 
Service Commission (MPSC) to file a  complaint with them.   Visit link



Where to watch Hamburg Township Television
  • On Charter Spectrum Communications Cable TV Network - Channel 191.
  • On Livestream On-Demand Video Streaming Service. Watch simulcasts of current meeting of the day if there is one, and past meetings.

Updated:  October 23, 2019
Channel 191 - Hamburg Township Television