Lakelands Trail State Park

Historic Points of Interest

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Historical Points of Interest - "YOU AUTO KNOW"

Lakelands Trail State Park is one of four linear state parks in the Michigan State Park System that have been converted from abandoned railroad corridors.

Signs are coordinated by the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees and the Hamburg Township Historical Society.

Lakelands is designed for hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and wheelchair use. Cross-country skiing is popular in winter. Motorized vehicles and hunting are prohibited.

Trail Sign - RoadHitting The Road: Changing Routes Through Hamburg Township

"YOU AUTO KNOW" Fact: The route that is now Hamburg Road was cut through the region in 1835. Find out about the Humback Bridge - parts of which are still visible from Lakelands Trail, mail delivery and the old Hamburg Post Office, and grading M-36 with horse-drawn plows, James Dewolf and Allie Hull.     View the Sign to learn More

Trail Sign - Trains Trains Off Line: The Challenge of Railroad Safety


"YOU AUTO KNOW" Fact: The 1893 Lakeland train fire lasted three days, fed by the train's cargo of oil and coal. Train wrecks were a constant worry in Hamburg Township, though they were not common. But on October 25, 1893, a northbound freight train hit an unstable stretch of rail near Zukey Lake and the engine rolled off into a swamp and caught fire. The charred shell of the locmotive was left to disappear into the landscape near here. View the Sign to learn More


Trail Sign - Zukey Ice HouseThe Big Chill: Railroads And The Zukey Lake Ice House


"YOU AUTO KNOW" Fact: The Ice House occupied the lakeshore near the site of the present-day Zukey Lake Tavern. Ice harvesting was the major winter activity in Hamburg Township for over thirty years until electrical refrigeration was invented in the late 1920s. Zukey Lake ice kept rail shipments of food chilled and fresh as they were distributed through the region. View the Sign to learn More



Updated May 22, 2017
Lakelands Trail State Park