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Winkelhaus Park


Winkelhaus Park & Lakelands Trail

Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 9 a.m. to Noon

Spring has sprung and it's time to spiffy up Winkelhaus Park, across from the Hamburg Pub!

We need help to rake, pick-up sticks, plant flowers and prune. Bring gloves, shovels, pruning shears and rakes if you can. 

For information call the Hamburg Parks Coordinator, Deby Henneman at (810) 222-1124 or email at Click here for Flyer!

Winkelhaus Park is located on the site of the Hamburg Hotel, originally opened in 1835. The Winkelhaus family owned the hotel from 1903 until 1968, when it burned down. The family still owns the property and worked with the Hamburg Historical Society and Township Board to turn the vacant lot into the Park in 2013.

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Welcome to Winkelhaus Park

The park, named for the Winkelhaus family, is located on the old Hamburg Hotel property, across Hamburg Road from the Hamburg Pub.  The park provides an open space adjacent to the Lakelands Trail with covered seating and open play area.

Through the joint efforts of the Winkelhaus family, the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees and the Hamburg Historical Society, the site was developed into a Village Park with a gazebo, picnic tables, horseshoe courts and walking areas and opened in the summer of 2013. B.D. Donovan Builders constructed the 12'x16' gazebo.  Signs highlight the history of life at the Hamburg Hotel and the history of the railroads in Hamburg.

Park Dedication - 2013

Just before the start of the 2013 annual Hamburg Memorial Day Parade, 120 people gathered at Winkelhaus Park in the Village of Hamburg to unveil the sign and welcome the new Park to town. Joining in the dedication were members of the Winkelhaus family, direct descendents of John and Bertha.

Park History

The Park is named for the Winkelhaus Family, owners of the park property since 1903.

right green arrow View .pdf from "Memories" booklet - excerpt on the Hamburg Hotel's history

John and Bertha Winkelhaus bought the Hamburg House Hotel, originally built in 1835, and moved in on their wedding day in 1903. The Hotel provided temporary shelter to settlers and visitors to Hamburg and a home to the Winkelhaus family for over 50 years. "Granny Wink," as Bertha was known, was the last family member to live at the Hotel. When she passed away in 1962, the Hotel was left empty. It was destroyed by fire in 1968.

The property remained in the family, waiting for the time it could again provide a unique place in the lives of Hamburg residents and visitors.

The Winkelhaus Park is a joint venture between the Winkelhaus family, the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees and the Hamburg Township Historical Society. It is a wonderful addition to our community park system and the Village of Hamburg.


Want To Schedule A Special Event at the Gazebo at Winkelhaus Park?

If park use is desired for a special event, contact Deby Henneman, Parks & Rec Coordinator for Hamburg Township, at 810.222.1124 or via e-mail at

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