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Pre-Application Conferences - Planning Assistance For Your Next Project

Pre-Application Conferences - 

Planning Assistance For Your Next Project

Sometimes you have an idea for a new subdivision or a commercial development, and you wonder - just how wil the Hamburg Township Ordinances and requirements impact the project?

You have many questions: What would be required to complete the project? Are there any special requirements that must be planned for?

You may wish you could just sit down with the Township Planning & Zoning Administrator, the Township Planner and Township Engineer, and bounce your ideas off of them in a preliminary manner before spending a lot of effort, time and money developing a formal project application.

It would help to know whether you wanted to move forward with the project, or whether maybe some other type of project would be better for that location.

Well, the Pre-Application Conference has been designed to give you this opportunity. For a set fee, you have the undividied attention of these community professionals who will listen to your ideas and provide preliminary feedback on requirements for your project.

The $500.00 fee buys you a 1-1/2 hour block of conference time with the Township Zoning Administrator, Township Engineer and Township Planner. You may bring with you to the conference your own team of design professionals and investors.

Updated September 17, 2020
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