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Public Notices

Public Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE 10/09/2020
Pursuant to MCL 750.239a, the Hamburg Township Police Department is providing 30 days’ public notice of our intent to sell the following seized/surrendered firearms currently in our possession:

1. Smith & Wesson 9MM Semi Auto
Model: SW9VE    Serial Number: DVB1774

2. M.A.B 9MM Semi Auto
Model: PA15   Serial Number: 573215

3. Hipoint 9MM Semi Auto
Model: C9   Serial Number: P1730049

4. Hipoint .45cal Semi Auto
Model: JHP   Serial Number: X4192339

5. Magnum Research .22cal Semi Auto
Model: Mountain Eagle   Serial Number: M69219785

6. Smith & Wesson .40cal Semi Auto
Model: SW40F   Serial Number: PAA1965

7. Taurus .380cal Semi Auto
Model: TCP   Serial Number: 32549E

8. Titan .25cal Semi Auto
Model: none   Serial Number: 170545

9. Kel Tec 9MM Semi Auto
Model: P11   Serial Number: AQ759

10. Cobra .380cal Semi Auto
Model: CA380   Serial Number: CP081970

11. Makarov 9MM Semi Auto
Model: M9X18   Serial Number: EU9477

12. Bersa .40cal Semi Auto
Model: Thunder 40  Serial Number: B21492

13. Jennings .22cal Semi Auto
Model: J22   Serial Number: 184410

14. Bond Arms .45cal Semi Auto
Model: Texas Defender  Serial Number: 144220

15. Kimber .45cal Semi Auto
Model: Procarry 11  Serial Number: KR35814
16. Keltec 9MM Semi Auto
Model: P11   Serial Number: 03998

17. Smith & Wesson .357Magnum Revolver
Model: 18-9   Serial Number: K917855

18. Muzzleloader 50cal
Model: Pursuit   Serial Number: 141302700806

19. Ithaca 20 Gauge Shotgun
Model: 37   Serial Number: 918655

20. Noble 12 Gauge Shotgun
Model: 40   Serial Number: NSV

21. Savage 12 Gauge Auto Shotgun
Model: Auto   Serial Number: 32229

22. Mossberg 12 Gauge Shotgun
Model: 500   Serial Number: P146671

23. Noble 16 Gauge Shotgun
Model: 40A   Serial Number: NSV

24. Remington 30-06 Rifle
Model: 1903   Serial Number: 3152797

25. Savage 25cal Rifle
Model: Sporter   Serial Number: 105548

26. Glenfield 30-30 Rifle
Model: 30   Serial Number: AB25955

All inquiries regarding any of these firearms should be made to Sgt. Gary Harpe at 
(810) 231-9391, ext. 315 or via email at gharpe@hamburg.mi.us.

Date Posted: October 9, 2020.

Auth: Chief Richard Duffany

Updated:  October 9, 2020
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