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October 2017

Christine Hoskins, Seniors Program Director

Greetings From Chris...

Hi Everyone!

     And so it begins................the countdown to the Holidays and Geez-Louise, it's HERE!!!  Halloween is at the end of this month and then all the rest of it!!  Plus all of our snowbirds will be hitting the road soon and I pray your places in Florida  &  Texas have survived this crazy hurricane season!!  And just a reminder for those of you who are planning or have donated to the cause, please research your recipient carefully.  There are all kinds of scams out there and relatively few safe donation sites.  My safe go-to's have always been the Salvation Army and the Food Bank with money being the most needed thing.  Just please keep praying for all the Hurricane victims!!

      I need a bit of your help!!  There are several of you who have been parking in the turn-around in front of the Senior Center and that's OK but I am going to ask that you park at an angle onto the grass.  We had an incident here where we needed to call EMS and they had a difficult time getting around to the front door due to all the cars parallel parked in the turn-around.  Than You for your cooperation in this!!!

       I've been asked to ask you all to please remember to put your exercise weights back in the proper size box.  Apparently, some of you that like the heavier weights cannot find them as they are not in the proper box.  And I will be ordering some more of the  3  &  5 pound weights to accommodate those of you who like that weight better.

      Just so y'all know, I am going to be getting a little stricter on the trip policy .............. well,actually I'm going to be really following the policy we have in place.  We've been having a bit of a problem again lately with folks signing up for trips, not paying until the last minute or canceling.  We are going to try to remember ...........;)   ;) .................I said try..........and call those who have not paid for a trip 2 weeks ahead of time.  If we do not hear from you or are not able to leave a message, we will take you off the list.  So please call us back, leave a message  (we DO check all messages)  and just plain let us know.  Again, thank you for all your cooperation!!!  We really appreciate it!!  And we have our trips set up for 2018 and lists are available in the office.  Just remember it is not set in stone unless you have a flyer for the trip, it can change.

     Til next month................our Autumn has been beautiful so far...............HAPPY  HALLOWEEN!!..............don't let the goblins get you!!!.....................:)

Still ridin’…………….Woo Hoo!!

--Christine Hoskins, Senior Program Director

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Updated September 28, 2017