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Building Use Policy 
Hamburg Senior Community Center


Building Use Policy

Hamburg Township Senior/Community Center
10405 Merrill Road, P.O. Box 157
Hamburg, MI 48139-0157
Phone: 810-231-1000 Ext. 225 - Office

Policy and Conditions for Use:

1. Use of the Hamburg Township Senior/Community Center is limited to Hamburg Township non-profit or civic organizations. All applications for use must be submitted to the Township Building Coordinator for review and approval. 

2. Applications for use of the facility shall be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the requested date of use. Applications for multiple and/or long-term uses of the facility must be submitted no later than one month prior to the first meeting date desired.

3. Applications shall be made on forms provided by the Building Coordinator. Applications must be signed by an officer of the applying organization.

4. The Township Board reserves the right of first claim to the use of the facility. Cancellations may be ordered by the Board with due notice.

5. The applying party agrees to save and hold harmless Hamburg Township and the Hamburg Township Board. They further agree to assume responsibility for all liabilities arising incident to the use of said facility. The applying party may be asked to furnish proof of liability insurance with an endorsement showing Hamburg Township as an additional insured for an event if the Building Coordinator or the Hamburg Township Board so requests.

6. A front entrance door key and alarm code will be assigned to the applicant. A $50 key/code deposit is required at the time of issuance. The applicant agrees that said key will not be copied or loaned to others. If said key is lost (and/or loaned) the $50 deposit is forfeited. Use of the building is monitored by the user codes. Unscheduled use of the building is an automatic loss of deposit and the code will immediately be removed from the system. A new application, together with a $50 deposit, is required to re-establish the code for continued use.

7. The keyholder is responsible for securing, locking, and alarming the building prior to exiting. Should the building be left unlocked and unalarmed, the organization will forfeit their deposit and must re-apply for use (including a $50 deposit).

8. All approved users must satisfy the Township that they will guarantee orderly behavior and will underwrite any damage done due to their use of the premises.

9. All approved users must maintain control over the behavior of their members who use the facility. If it is determined that members are behaving improperly in the hallways, bathrooms and other public area of the building, users will be required to furnish adults to patrol such areas to maintain proper behavior. If the user group is unable or refuses to provide said adults, permission for use will be revoked.

10. If applicants serve food or refreshments, all means of serving same shall be furnished by the applicant. None of the facility's cooking or refrigeration equipment or supplies may be used. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES. NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING.

11. All items dealing with the application requirements, not specifically mentioned or defined above shall be subject to the interpretation and discretion of the Township Board and Building Coordinator.

Adopted: 8/24/99 
Revised: 4/14/98 
Revised: 9/14/99 
10405 Merrill Road 
P.O. Box 157 
Hamburg, Michigan 48139 
(810) 231-1000


Hamburg Senior Community Center
10407 Merrill Road
P.O. Box 157
Hamburg, MI 48139 USA

Phone: 1.810.231.1000 Ext. 225
Direct Dial: 1.810.222.1140

Fax: 1.810.231.3877


  • Julie Eddings
    Senior Program Director
  • Christine Hoskins 
    Senior Assistant
  • Carol Kolad
  • Linda Bauby
  • Assistant

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