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APRIL  2018 

Christine Hoskins, Seniors Program Director

Greetings From Chris...

Hi Everyone!

      Happy  Spring Y'all !!  Spring is finally here and I am still waiting for the weather to improve!!  :)  Oh well, so far it has at least been mostly sunny as I write this so I will take that over the gloom & doom of winter weather!!  And, of course, on the few and really it was ONLY 3 days of nice weather, I was not able to get my bike out.  Grrrr!!  Oh well.  Patience is a virtue and I am using all of it right now!!!  We have a lot going on again this month so keep reading to see what's stuff, same stuff...............just plain good stuff!
     Our wonderful Yoga instructor Lisa Weaver has asked if we could find some space for a chair Yoga session.  And we are so grateful she has as we have been asked for that on numerous occasions so keep reading to find out more!!
    The Friday Portrait Group is going to be showing their wonderful art beginning in either May or June, depends on when they have all their art completed.  Also, that same group donated $100 to the center for whatever we need to use it for.  Thank You!!  :)
     Normally, I would be reminding y'all about the Caregiver's Fair  that is usually held in April but this year it will be held on May 19th at the Brighton High School.  Once I have flyers I will have more information on this event that is held every year by the Livingston Consortium on Aging to provide information to caregivers.
     And it seems I always have to include this reminder to folks....................please PLEASE use the round-about at the township & Senior Center entrance properly!!  It is very disconcerting to be going into the round-about properly only to find someone not going the  right way!!  And yes.  The Library folks are very guilty in this but so are a few seniors coming into the center for an activity.  So PLEASE use it properly!!  Thank You!!
     Meals on Wheels NEEDS drivers!!  They do not have enough drivers for all the routes they have!!  Especially here in Hamburg!!  So if you are looking to volunteer for something, this is a very fulfilling and worthwhile endeavor.  Contact Meals on Wheels at  810.632.2155 to volunteer.
     Til next month................Spring has are beginning to bud & bloom ............. the birds are singing................frogs are croaking................. :)

motorcycle5 time to clean my Harley & time to ride............Woo Hoo!                          chris-signature

--Christine Hoskins, Senior Program Director

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Updated April 4, 2018