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JUNE  2018 

Christine Hoskins, Seniors Program Director

Greetings From Chris...

Hi Everyone!

      SUMMER!!!    You have finally arrived!!!  It seems like it's been sooooo long in coming!  And I am sooooo glad it is finally here!!  And since summer is here, there may be a few instances where you may be in need of a place to cool off and we will be cool.  So come on in, play a few games or just shoot the bull with your friends or make new ones!!  And don't forget to hydrate!!  So often folks forget to drink enough water and that plays all kinds of havoc with your body!!  So drink up!!

     We also celebrate Father's Day on June 17th and I still have my dad!!  So Happy Daddy's Day to my dad and all the dads, grand-dads and even great-grand-dads out there!!  You are truly appreciated even if we don't always say it!  Thanks Dad!!

     We have updated our Travel Policy in the newsletter so be sure to read the changes as they have taken effect!

     We have a few new programs coming up.........."Ask a Therapist:, Summer Health & Skilled Nursing 101, Taste of Italy, Blood Pressure, Diabetes Workshop...............more that I ca  explain in the is blurb so what do I have you do?!??  Keep reading of course!!

     I read an article in the Press & Argus the other day and according to a study done with the Institute for Exercise & Environmental Medicine at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, they found varying amounts of exercise can help keep the heart youthful.  The study showed that people who did casual exercise had more youthful middle-sized arteries and people who exercised 4-5 times a week had more youthful large, central arteries.  I bring this up to remind y'all that we have 2 exercise classes and 3 Yoga classes that will provide exercise to anyone who wishes to participate!!  So come on in!!

     Til next month................Summer is on her merry way..................YAY!!! yellow finches, bluebirds and sandhill cranes are back............Woo Hoo!! out for the motorcycles cuz we're back!!  Happy  Summer!!!


motorcycle5  time to ride............Woo Hoo!                          chris-signature


     Spring is here and warmer weather means there are more motorcycles on the road and you should be very  aware of your surroundings.  Before you pull out in the street make sure you look twice please are  everywhere  and can be difficult to see in the road especially the black ones!!  Like mine!!!  So take an extra minute or so to look out for that motorcycle that  just  might be me ridin' on down the road!!  

Rant over! :)

--Christine Hoskins, Senior Program Director

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Updated June 1, 2018

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