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August 2017
Christine Hoskins, Seniors Program Director

Greetings From Chris...

Hi Everyone!

          How in the world can it be August already??  But I guess time flies when you’re having FUN!!  And I have been………..been hanging out with my grandbabies (and y’all know how AWESOME that is!!), going on some really great trips through the center, hanging out at the lake and of course, my fave…………..ridin’ my Harley!!  I sure hope your summer is going as well as mine is and I’m lovin’ every minute of it!!  It, as of this writing, hasn’t been too awful hot but August traditionally is warmer that July so just please remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!  Y’all know how much water I drink and you should try to drink more water when it’s really really warm out!  The body dehydrates so quickly please drink up!!  And I know I reminded you of this last month, but we do have air conditioning so it’s cool in here.  So you just come on in, get cooled off and hang out with your friends!

          I have a reminder from Joan Borik about the month of August and the Pot Luck.  She would love to see everyone wearing a Hawaiian shirts or muumuu’s  in honor of   Hawaii’s statehood in August of 1959 at the Pot Luck.   I’m sure everyone has one in the back of their closet so dig it out, clean it up and put it on!  And celebrate HAWAII !!

          And this month marks 30 years of Senior Power Day!  Yes, it has been 30 years since we started Senior Power Day………...gosh, that’s so hard to believe even though I have only been part of it for 14 years!  It is a great way to discover more information that I can possibly give you so c’mon down!!  I have more info, of course, further on in the newsletter so keep reading!!

          And for those of you keeping track………….this month’s menu  IS  from 2017!!!  I know!!  How in the heck did that happen!!!  Enjoy!!

          The trips are going great guns so far this year and Julie & I plan to meet with Barb Bianco to set up our trips for 2018 in the next few weeks. It’s kinda weird to be thinking about 2018 already but we are, so if you have anything or anywhere you would like us to ask about, please let us know.  We like to make sure the trips we offer are trips you want to go on…………… and not just trips I would like to go on!!! LOL!!!  :)

            Til next month……………..all the fruits and veggies are coming in …………YAY!!! ……………..I am still LOVING this summer weather!!!.....................

Still ridin’…………….Woo Hoo!!

--Christine Hoskins, Senior Program Director

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Updated August 3, 2017