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Senior/Community Center

October  2018 

Christine Hoskins, Seniors Program Director

Greetings From Chris...

Hi Everyone!
   Holy Smokes!!  Boy, did this year ever fly by fast!  It's already Halloween and then the rest of the Holidays follow!   Sheesh!!  I'm already tired thinking of it!  I really kind of thought I would have more time to do stuff when I started using up my sick/vacation days but I'm just as busy.  But that's what y'all keep telling me!!  LOL!  And I have been spending a lot time with my little ones and I really love doing that!!  Annnnnnd, let's face it, this is the fun time of year for little ones!!!  They get so doggone excited and it's so cute!!
       Well, our New & Used Sale went very well...................don't have a dollar amount yet since we didn't count until after the newsletter went to print.  But', ya'll sent in some of the most wonderful stuff!  And we had so so many wonderful volunteers!!  Really !!!  We are so fortunate that so many of you area able and want to help us out because we sure could not do it without you all!!!  So  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  Thank You so very much!!!  You are so very much appreciated!!!  :)   **Update on amount we made at the sale:  $1120  as compared with $941 from last year.  AWESOME!!  You all ROCK!!

     We have a busy month coming up with Halloween Pot Luck, another Gleaners Cooking demo, Flu shots, Banking Safety and Part D 2019 info & sign-ups.  There's a lot of information about all that further on in the newsletter................duh, of course!!  Read On Folks!!  :)   And Ron is back from his adventures with his Dad so I'll be anxious to hear all about that!  Plus Donna is starting her painting classes up again.

    You may have noticed a sort of new face around least on Mondays & Tuesdays ............. .... Linda Bauby.  She retired from Livingston Catholic Charities and like most folks who retire young, wanted to stay busy so we asked if she would be interested in working here on a  part-time basis.  And she said YES!  Sweet!!  Linda will be filling the gap I* am leaving when I really start working part-time in January.  And yes; Carol is NOT leaving or losing any hours although one of her days will change.  Y'all just have to put up with 4 of us now!!  Hahahahaha!!  Or there's more of us to love!  So here's a huge welcome to Linda!!  Oh and I almost forgot!  She's still MMAP qualified so can answer any questions you have regarding Medicare when Melodie isn't here.  So cool!

     Til next month………………..enjoy these beginning days of a crisp's apple cider time..............Yum!................Trick-or-Treat!............................

motorcycle5  time to ride............Woo Hoo!                          chris-signature
--Christine Hoskins, Senior Program Director


     Even though summer has gone Autumn has not!  And we bikers love to ride then so you should still be very  aware of your surroundings.  Before you pull out in the street make sure you look twice please are  everywhere  and can be difficult to see in the road especially the black ones!!  Like mine!!!  So take an extra minute or so to look out for that motorcycle that  just  might be me ridin' on down the road!!  

Rant over! :)

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Updated September 26, 2018