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Senior/Community Center

August  2018 

Christine Hoskins, Seniors Program Director

Greetings From Chris...

Hi Everyone!
Holy Smokes!!  It's August already???  Geez!  Time sure flies when you're having fun!!  And I have been having fun................going to 2 family reunions this year, riding almost 4000 miles on my bike and enjoying some extended weekends!  Woo Hoo!  Family Reunions are so much get to see coisins, aunts, uncles, etc. you haven't seen in years, catch up on your family history & genealogy!!  Enjoy your family................they're priceless!!

And because it has been on the warm side so far this summer, don’t forget we have central air in the Senior Center.  So come on in and get cooled off!  Stay hydrated!!

      I have a favor to ask of you folks who come in on Tuesdays.  Please do not enter the dining room while Yoga is going on.  The folks in there like to be able to concentrate on their Yoga and it is difficult if people are going in there to get coffee...................which is also in the kitchen for you at that time...............or dump batteries or look for books & magazines.  Thanks for your understanding in this.

      Look for another Identity Theft & Elder Law Presentation on Aug. 1 at 1:00 pm this month.  The State Attorney General's Office will be in here to conduct this workshop that will present information on Identity Theft, the Equifax Breach and more.  And while we're looking at new gigs, we have a couple more!  Jason Negri, will be in to speak on End of Life issues such as estate planning, advance directives, life-sustaining treatments, etc.  Until you're faced with these issues,m one does not always think about it.  Then after that we have Elder Law Attorney Christopher Berry coming in to teach us how to protect our assets.  Whew!  Sure have a lot going on...........feels like back to school studying!!

     Just a heads up............we are going to be  CLOSED  this Election Day on August 7 as parking in here on Tuesdays can be difficult and the township would like to be able to use the parking lot for election business.  :)

     And I haven't heard anything from Annie who was doing our Blood Pressure readings so I've taken her off the calendar because this is 2 months in a row she didn't show up.  And she didn't let me know so I was clueless.  Sorry folks.  If  I can find another provider I will bring them in!!

     And a quick blurb to remind you of the New & Used Sale being held on Sesptember 22.  Y'all can start bringing in your best stuff!!  More info next month!!

     Til next month……………… kind.....................

motorcycle5  time to ride............Woo Hoo!                          chris-signature
--Christine Hoskins, Senior Program Director


     Spring is here and warmer weather means there are more motorcycles on the road and you should be very  aware of your surroundings.  Before you pull out in the street make sure you look twice please are  everywhere  and can be difficult to see in the road especially the black ones!!  Like mine!!!  So take an extra minute or so to look out for that motorcycle that  just  might be me ridin' on down the road!!  

Rant over! :)

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Updated August 16, 2018