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Carol???  What the heck is going on???

Some of you have made comments about Carol and her new desk out in the lobby.  So.  No.
Carol has not been demoted.  No.  I am not shutting her out of the office.  What I am doing is giving her more responsibilities and a greater presence in the center.  What I am doing is giving Julie more hours to learn the job of Senior Center Director seeing as she will be stepping into my shoes in around a year or so.  And let's face office is cramped enough and putting another desk in there is not an option!!  :)  And I really like the idea of having someone out in the lobby to address newcomers or just any of you who need assistance and there may be a line out the door in the office..................and y'all know that's true!!!  And besides any of that, we have been so busy  that I really really need to have Carol here to help out more, so the township authorized more part-time hours for the center.  YAY!!!




       Flu season is upon us again!!  ICK!!!  I have scheduled with the University of Michigan Visiting Nurses to come in and administer Flu shots.  Payment is expected at the time of your shot and they accept these insurance plans:  Aetna, Blue Care Network BCBS of Michigan PPO, Blue Cross Complete, Cigna, HAP (except  Hap Senior Plus), Health Plus HMO/PPO/POS/MIChild, Priority Health HMO and PPO, PHP HMO and PPO, Traditional Medicare Part B,  BCBS of Michigan Medicare Plus Blue PPO, BCN Advantage , and HealthPlus MedicarePlus Advantage HMO/PPO.


Those who are not covered by an acceptable insurance plan may pay for the Flu shot by cash, personal check or credit card,.  The cost is still  $33.  The shots will be available on a first come,  first served basis and there will be a limited number of senior flu shots available.

When:  October 6
Time:  10:00 am  -  1:00 pm

Where:   Senior Center Dining room

        Medicare  Part  D  Questions  &  Answers   

Join Linda Bauby, Resource Advocate from Livingston County Catholic Charities for answers to your questions about Medicare Part D for 2018 at this informational meeting.  Please sign up on the sign-up sheet on the foyer table.

When:  Thursday, October  12

Time:  11:00 am

Who Should You Trust Seminar

Learn the warning signs of estate planning and annuity scams in this seminar presented to us by the State Bar of Michigan.  They will present information to help you avoid estate planning mistakes and annuity insurance scams.  This hour long presentation will feature information from licensed Michigan lawyers and will also have lots of time for questions and answers.  
You will also receive a folder containing essential estate planning information, forms and other materials for effective estate planning.  This event is free but please sign up on the sign up sheet on the Foyer table so we know how many to prepare for!!

When:   Wednesday,  October 11

Time:  1:00 pm

Kroger's  Needs  Our  Help!!!

Janet from Kroger's is looking for volunteers to help sell hot dogs, chips & pop in front of the store to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.  All proceeds go towards Breast Cancer Research.  Please sign up on the sheet on the Foyer table if you are able to help support the cause.

When:  October  6,  7  &  8  (do any one or more days)
Time:  11:00 am  -  2:00 pm

Arm  Chair  Travel - Oktoberfest

Join us as we travel to Germany!!  Yep.  Germany!  Debra Wilbanks is bringing Germany to the Hamburg Senior Center.  We will tour and learn about Germany via DVD, enjoy watching German dancers and music plus a peak inside the Neuschwanstein Castle!!  This event is being sponsored by Wellbridge and we will enjoy German treats and refreshments.

When:  Friday,  October  6

Time:  1:00 pm



The Livingston Leadership Council on Aging, of which we are a member, is putting on a Sock Hop!!  So join us for a fun day of music and dancing!!  Not only will there be food and fun for all the Sock Hop will have opportunities for you to connect to other county senior centers.  This is a way for the Livingston Leadership Council on Aging to bring all the centers together to provide a fun activity for all of our local seniors at one spot.

When:  October 20
Time:  12:00  -  3:00 pm

Where:   2/42  Community Church,  7526  Grand River Ave.
Cost:   FREE!!!
RSVP::  Anne Rennie at   or  517-586-2039

Paper Goods Drive  2017

Once again, the Livingston County Catholic Charity is asking for our help.  The LCCC is gathering donations for a Christmas Box for around 100 seniors who are home-bound, low income or with no family to help them.  Some items in these boxes are food, paper products and gifts from area churches.  They are able to purchase these goods with grants but the grants are not enough to supply the boxes with all of the items they want to put in.

We ask for paper products because their "bridge card"  can not  be used for paper products such as paper towels or toilet paper.  And because of this, toilet paper is the most requested item they ask for their Christmas Box.  This helps free up what little monies they have to maybe buy their medications or food.

So once again, we are going to collect toilet paper and paper towels for the LCCC for their Christmas Boxes.  Last year you all totally  ROCKED!!!  I think the LCCC was surprised to see how generous you all were!!  So let's do it again folks!!  Please bring in unopened packages of TP and/or paper towels by November 30.  Thank You so much for all your help!!  I know everyone sure appreciated all your help last year!!!

New  &  Used  Sale  2017

Many of you have asked how we did at the New & Used Sale on Sept.  16  and guess what?!??  We did  FANTASTIC !!!  You all just plain kicked butt and beat every year we've done this!!  So what was our total for this year???  How's about a cool  $941 !!!

That's fight folks,  $941 dinero, as in I think we will do it again like this from here on in since it went so well.  And our volunteers were just plain  AWESOME!!!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, our volunteers are the absolute   BESTEST !!!! 


Updated News About your Eye Glasses
By  Barb  Yek

       Thank you to everyone who brings in their gently used eyeglasses.  I am the new contact person and will be taking your donated glasses to MOST Ministries in Ann Arbor where I volunteer once a week.
        Many of you probably remember Katherine Carlton who was one of the previous contact persons.  MOST Ministry stands for Mission Opportunity Short Term and gives many people the chance to go on short term mission trips, many of which are taking eye glasses to developing countries around the world where people otherwise would not be able to get them.  

     This year around 10 teams have or are going out to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Guinea, India, China and South Africa to name a few.  They also send out additional teams for medical, dental, construction, safe water, nursing and health.

      I was blessed to go on my first mission trip which was a dental/eye glass combination the end of June to Nicaragua.  We saw close to 700 people and gave out almost 800 pairs of glasses.  It was very rewarding and uplifting to see the smiles on peoples faces when they received their glasses and could actually see & be able to read.  This then helps children to succeed in school, helps an adult to secure a job and support their family and helps a senior to continue living independently.  It was a wonderful way for me to share God's love & the many blessings He has given me.

     So thank you again for donating your glasses you are not able to use any more yourselves.  Someone will be so thankful  to receive them.

Membership Cards Update

Just a friendly request …………….if you have had any changes to your  address, phone number, emergency contact,   allergies, meds, etc.;  we would really appreciate it if you would update your membership card.  We don’t have the most current   information for everyone especially the emergency contacts area.  So at your leisure, if you would please check your card, we would really appreciate it!!    Thank You!!

Dues  are  Due!!!

Oh My!! Has another year flown by again?!? sure has!!  And that means it's time for me to remind y'all about membership dues............which will be due by January 1, 2018.  The dues simply let me know you still want to receive this newsy rag...............or drop in, say "Hey", pay your dues and be on your way to whatever activity you're participating in.  and don't forget that those of you 90+  do not pay dues.   SWEET!!!!   

p.s.  if paying $5 is a hardship, please let me know..............

T.V. Usage Reminder

I’m sure most of you noticed that we have several T.V.’s in the center and they are for your use!!  So if anyone would like us to turn them on, please ask!  We would be happy to put the ball game or special news reports on for you!  My only request is that the sound is not blasting ……….but of course, that is coming from someone whose mother-in-law refuses to turn on her hearing aid and is mostly deaf; she has her T.V. on so loud you can hear a 1/2 mile away!!  Really!!  We keep the  remotes in the office so they do not “walk” away!


So what is VIABIL?? VIABIL stands for Visually Impaired And Blind In Livingston. Since 1989 the Visually Impaired and Blind in Livingston Inc., or VIABIL has served our community as a non-profit, growing group of people with serious vision impairments or blindness who live in Livingston County. They are open to persons of all ages with any variety of vision disorders and who are ready to reach out to other organizations that assist the visually impaired. VIABIL features dynamic guest speakers, free activities and events with programs specific to the visually impaired citizen. So how can you get involved?? Call them at 810-231-1277 VIABIL is sponsored by all five area Lions Club Organizations Attend a meeting - usually held the first Saturday each month at Brighton Lions Den in Brighton , 465 W. Main St. Free transportation to meetings is now provided by VIABIL VIABIL, Inc., has earned a tax exempt status from the IRS 501c-3 - your non-taxable contribution is appreciated!!

Hamburg Seniors Share Bulletin Board -  Autumn  Memories October 2017

       I hope you had a chance to look at some of those fish caught in photos last month.  There were some whoppers!  Thank You to everyone who shared their photos.

       October's theme is anything and everything autumn.  Share your photos of the beautiful autumn colors, piles of leaves with kids or grand-kids have fun in them, or anyone dressed in Halloween costumes.  We  should have  a pretty crowded photo board this month!!

      As always, mount your photo on another piece of paper with your name and brief description written below the picture for identification. All photos will be returned to you at the end of each month in the large envelope on the lower left corner of the board. You are also welcome to suggest themes for upcoming months as well.


St. Paul Lutheran - Daisy's Pantry

          When/Where: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays - 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. - at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 7701 East M-36,                  Hamburg

        St. Paul Lutheran Church sponsors a pantry for anyone who has emergency needs. Their Daisy Pantry will supply food for those in need. There are no questions asked or appointment needed, just show up. If you have any questions, call St. Paul Lutheran Church at 810-231-1033.

Newsletter Now Going Out Via Bulk Mail

       You may have noticed that the newsletter is coming to you flat, not folded, may be just a wee bit late and not available in the center for pick up. Why is that?? Well, our printer has put us on the "bulk rate" for printing, which also means they mail it out with postage and label already preprinted on your newsletter. Hopefully you will get it on time, but do remember that at bulk rate, it is at the discretion of your mail carrier as to when they decided to deliver it. If they have a lot of bulk mail coming to you, they may decide to deliver it at a later date when there is less. At any rate, it is a lot less expensive to send them out this way so we hope this works out!

Walking Group

Walk  Group  

 We walk on Mondays and Thursdays at 11:00 am for about 1/2 hour and we meet in the parking lot on Merrill Rd. just across from the Senior Center.    Since we start right at 11:00  it is a good idea to get there a few minutes early so you don’t miss the group.  You do not have to stay  with the group but we like to start off  together.  The faster walkers go fast and we hang with the slower paced  walkers.  Please make sure your doctor approves of your walking as we walk about 1  1/2 miles and please please wear proper walking shoes so you do not hurt your feet!  And  remember to  wear  clothes  appropriate for the  weather  especially  as it gets warmer out.  See you out there!! 



       Summer is still here and Autumn weather is very nice to ride in which means there are still more motorcycles on the road and you should be very aware of your surroundings.   Before you pull out in the street make sure you look twice PLEASE  ……….. motorcycles are everywhere  and can be  difficult to see in the road  especially the black ones!  Like mine!!   So take an extra minute or so to look out  for  that  motorcycle that just  might be me ridin’ on down the road!!

Sweatshirts, Shirts & Hats - Oh My!!

       I had a red sweatshirt in my office that once belonged to a long-time member and folks were asking where/how they can get something like that since it is embroidered with our senior center logo. Well, wonder no more!! I've gotten some current pricing, colors and style of denim & performance shirts, sweatshirts and hats. The sweatshirts come in 2 different weights (8 oz. & 9.3 oz.) and are priced at $25 & $35; 1/4 Zip Sweatshirts $24 (8 oz. only); denim shirts $24; performance tee's $20 and hats $10. Turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks and payment HAS to be made at the time of the order (cash or checks made out to The Hamburg Senior Center). Plus sizes do run a little higher in cost. Julie, Carol and myself have some samples of what each item looks and we can place an order once a month or whenever we get a decent amount of orders in. Any questions - just come on in or give me a call and we will do our best to get your questions answered.

2017 Directories

     In February, I told y'all I was working on the Directory and yeppers, it is done. Yay!!   Of course, it is an on-going fluid piece but at the moment ……… is as done as it's ever going to be. So. I have only printed a few copies so that any mistakes that have been made (although I'm sure Carol was very thorough in her proofreading!!) can be corrected. And since there may be a few mistakes, please please please bring them to my attention!! That way I can get them rectified and print the subsequent copies correctly. And again, this stays in-house and is only given out to our seniors. I've been asked by others to share our address list with outside lists but I absolutely refuse to.

Book of Services

       Julie has put together a book of reputable and recommended service providers to keep in the office. If you have a handyman, cleaning service, lawn maintenance service, or small job trades company that you can recommend please call the office — or you can email Julie Please make sure the company is happy to have the Referral !!!

Gleaners Produce

        Gleaners has received a grant from the State of Michigan to provide fresh produce to our seniors. What that means to you is this: on the 3rd Thursday of the month Senior Nutrition will deliver a batch of fresh produce and will be available to you to take home. It could be apples and grapefruit or it could be potatoes and onions, just depends on what they were able to get that month. And we will not know what they're getting until it arrives here at the center.......just so I don't get a bunch of questions on what is coming in!! :) And yes, this is at no cost to you. Enjoy!!

Produce  Cart

       You may have noticed a new item in the dining room.......................a produce cart.  Say what ??  Yep, a produce cart.
       We received a produce cart from the Livingston County Hunger Council who was awarded monies to help low income and vulnerable populations such as seniors have access to healthy food products such as fruits and vegetables.  They plan to continue supplying the produce cart with fruits and vegetables from Gleaner weekly produce distributions or from the Hunger Councils' local community garden network.  At this writing, we have only received the initial produce they brought in with the cart but I do expect to see more, I just do not know when!  In the meantime, I have put tomatoes and cukes out from our gardens and several of you have brought in produce from your own gardens.  Enjoy!! 

Hamburg Senior Community Center
10407 Merrill Road
P.O. Box 157
Hamburg, MI 48139 USA

Phone: 1.810.231.1000 Ext. 225
Direct Dial: 1.810.231.1140

Fax: 1.810.231.3877


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