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News and Events - August 2019

Calendar and Newsletter

Please remember to sign the sign-in book located on the front lobby table!!  Thank You!!

Thank You to these businesses for their continued support!!!

*Brookdale Senior Living
*Alpine Florist & Gifts
*Wellbridge of Pinckney 
*Independence Village Brighton
*Hands On Mind & Body Wellness Center
*Riverside Pizza

Donate your old cell phones to benefit the
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at the Senior Center

Sharon Wilson is a dedicated volunteer for CFF and raises money needed for vital research to find a cure.  Donate your unwanted cell phones even if they are broken, outdated or dinosaurs.  
Donation box in the office.

Artist Spotlight........................
       Roger Evans

On display at the Senior Center this month, we have the beautiful wood carvings of local artist Roger Evans.  Roger started carving after he retired and was spending his winters in Texas.  He has taken classes for 11 years on Relief Wood Carving.  He has instructed new carvers but doesn't claim to know everything.  He says "wood carving is a great hobby to do because wood carving is 5% carving and 95% BS."  Please stop by the Senior Center to see his amazing works of art!!

Can we print your name??  

Chris is putting together the Directory for 2019!  If you DO  NOT  want your information printed in the directory or published in the newsletter in any manner please let us know!  

Snack  Time!!!!

The Senior Center now has a snack box!  Snacks are available for 50¢ a piece and
the box is located by the coffee table.

Paper  Shredding

We now have a container from Iron Mountain Shredding available to our members.  Due to limited space, please limit what you bring in to the most sensitive papers.  Once the container is full, Iron Mountain replaces the full container with a new one and takes the full container back to their facility for secure shredding.

2019  Newsletters

We will try really hard to have the newsletter available for pick up at the Senior Center, email or mail delivery by the last week of the month.

Need Help with Medicare or Medicaid??

Call and set up an appointment if you are turning 65 and need help understanding what is available, or need help with Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, Supplemental insurance or Advantage plans.  

Mondays &  Tuesdays with Linda Bauby
Wednesdays by appointment with Melodie Valvano 
Call 517-545-5944

Tai  Chi  with Lill

So what is Tai Chi?  Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art form combining mental concentration, harmonized breathing and slow graceful movements to relax, regulate heartbeat and improve muscular, neurological and organ function.  Tai Chi can give increased flexibility, bone density & energy and improve balance, cardiovascular fitness & muscle strength as well as lower blood pressure.  

What do you need for Tai Chi??  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes or ballet slippers.  You should also be able to stand and walk without assistance.  Sign up is on the lobby table!!  This will be a 12 week session.

When:  Wednesdays
Starting January 9th
Time:  2:30 pm  -  3:30 pm

Cost:  $6 weekly

Join  us for  EXERCISE!!
Mondays with Lil  
Thursdays with Anna
Time:  10:00

Classes can be done in the chair or standing if you are able

Guidelines for Ripple by guest writer...........the Ripple Players

As you may have noticed the group playing the card game Ripple has grown.  Due to the increase in players we have established a few guidelines.
And we will try to accommodate everyone as best we can.  We gather for Ripple at 12:30 at the Senior Center and it takes us a few minutes to determine how many players we have and how many tables will be needed.  If you want to play but are going to be late, please let Julie or Chris or one of the other players know and you will be counted to determine seats needed.  Once play has begun unless you have contacted Chris etc. no other players will be seated.
And we would love to have at the next Ripple game. We usually play on all Mondays & Thursdays.  If the play has begun and you do not know how to play please feel free to watch and this may help you when you can join us.  If you do not wish to watch don't forget to join us anyway the next time we play.
We have a good time playing Ripple and the more the Merrier!!!


Lions  Club

The Lions Club out of Hartland is looking to expand and would like to get a group started here in the Hamburg/Pinckney area.  They had an informational meeting last month but because they asked me about it after the newsletter was mailed,  I could not get it in here.  Anyway, long story short, if you would if you would like to become a member of the Lions Club I have the phone  number of the Hartland Lions Club President in  my office.  They also left us with a box to collect used eyeglasses AND hearing aids so if you have any laying around collecting dust bring them here.  They clean them up and distribute them to the needy around the world.  

Senior  Advisory  Board  Meeting

The next board meeting will take place on:

Wednesday,   September 11,  2019
At  10:00 AM

ALL are encouraged and welcome to attend!! 

Senior Advisory Board

Chairperson:  Chuck Menzies
Bob Andrews 
Gary Kaiser
Patricia Kolasinski
Sue Pack
Gerry Przeslawski
Business Member-at-Large:  Janet Bater
Alternate Board Member:  Deb Kaiser & Barb Mitchell

Chair  Yoga 

 Worried that if you sat on the floor you wouldn't’ be able to get back up again??  Have no fear—we can practice yoga in a chair!  You will improve respiration, flexibility and joint health in just four sessions.  Yoga is about more than twisting like a pretzel  -  come in and find our how yoga can improve your quality of life.

When:  Tuesdays in the Dining Room 
Time:  10:30 am

Fee:  Free Will Donation for all Yoga Classes

Reflective  Address  Signs

    Hamburg Fire Department has reflective address signs available for purchase.  These signs make it real easy for the Fire Department to find your house if you ever have the misfortune of having to contact them.  The price  is reasonable..............only $15  or  $20 for  C.O.D. deliveries.  They can also be the difference between life or death so it is a really good idea to have one.  I have some forms for them in my office. 

Blood  Pressure  Readings

      Guess What???  We have sound someone to come in to read your blood pressure!!  Woo Hoo!! 
He is one of our seniors.............newly retired from the profession of nursing and wished to volunteer his time!!  His name is Matthew and he is also going to be available to do a blood sugar check once we get some supplies in.  Yay!!

When:  3rd Monday* of every month
Time:    9:30 am - 10:30 am 

*please note the day change!!

Melodies & Memories

    And that’s just what we do in the Senior Kitchen Band.  

    We play melodies that bring back memories  We have a great group of people in our band.  We have 3 people who actually are musicians and play real instruments and they are great.  We also have 6 people, who also great, and they play just about anything they can find or make, to play in what we call our rhythm section.  We have brand new member in our group who sings and boy can she sing.  If you feel you would enjoy being a part of our group, no matter what you play, we would love to have you join us.  We meet Fridays at 10:30 am and play until our tummies tell us its time for lunch. 

Tech  Time

    We are going to re-institute a specific time for computer, tablet and smart phone help.  On many occasions we are asked to help out with your techie questions but sometimes the timing is just not great.  So to make it easier on us, we are going to ask you to please make an appointment on Wednesdays between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm if need assistance that is more complicated in nature.  If it's easy-peasy, then just come on in Wednesdays between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm and unless we are busy with someone who has made an appointment, we can help.

KROGER  Community  Rewards  Program

       We're IN!!  So what does that mean??  Julie with Janet Bater's help, was able to get us signed up for Kroger's Community Rewards Program..............Woo Hoo!!  That means you can use your Kroger's Plus card to allow them to donate a percentage of what you buy there to go to the Senior Center.  You do have to register your card on-line to participate in their Community Rewards Program;  and if you need help in this, Julie or I can help you.  

Then what happens??  Well, that percentage of your purchases (and this does not include gas or alcohol purchases)  will be tabulated and then a check will be sent to the Senior Center to use for whatever the center needs or could use.  I have no idea how much this entails until it actually happens.

 So thank you in advance for using your Kroger Plus card and sending your donations our way!!

Senior Advisory Board Meeting Re-Cap

Meeting called to order at 10:03 am.  All members present except Gary Kaiser and Janet Bater.

Approval of Agenda:  Bob Andrews moved to accept the agenda as presented, Pat Kolasinski supported.  

Call to Public:  None

Correspondence:  Memorial contribution for Jim Shafor and Janet Patrell on behalf of Bud and Joan Mahnken and a thank you card from MOST Ministries.

Approval of Minutes of March 13 and April 10, 2019:  Pat Kolasinski moved to accept both sets of minutes, Bob Andrews supported.  

Old Business:  (a)  Transportation:  after the success of the Friends in Harmony concert;
(b) Acceptance of Pat Lanthier's Board Resignation:  pat responded to a letter written by Chris Hoskins in December  2018 stating that she would like to resign from her seat on the board.  Gerry Przeslawski suggested a plaque and snacks at the next Advisory Board Meeting to honor her time served;  
(c) Bylaws and Board Member Renewal: Advisory Board would by-laws to reflect current practices of the board. Sub-committee of Gary Kaiser, Gerry Przeslawski and Bob Andrews to review and revise by-laws for approval at

April Special Board Meeting.  Board Terms will be renewed in May 2019 with some positions being renewed for a year and others being renewed for two.  Gerry Przeslawski's current term has been extended until May 2019.  Deb Kaiser moved to appoint Sue Pack to fill Pat Lanthier's seat on the board.  Bob Andrews seconded.  All were in favor; 

New Business:  (a) :  Pat Hohl discussed the possibility of a LETS bus to be designated for use from the senior center to points of interest throughout Livingston County, Cost of 8 hours/three times a week would be shared among federal, state and local government agencies; designated routes would be established;
(b)  ADA Transition Plan:  special meeting will be held on February 13, 2019 to prioritize ADA violations, year time frames to be completed on the ADA Transition plan and reported Deby Henneman;
(c)  Board Renewals:  Senior Center staff to contact Pat Lanthier regarding continued involvement with Advisory Board, discussed all members being renewed at one time, to be discussed further in March;
 (d) Attendance: attendance continues to grow, Gary Kaiser mentioned at what point is the attendance "too good", building already at program capacity, discussed wish list for reconfiguring building or new building space.   2018: November total of 1311, daily average of 69; December total of 898, daily 60.  2017:  November total of 1296, daily average for 68; December total 744, daily 57.  2016:  November  total of 1246, daily 66;  December total 685, daily 45.

Call to the Public:  Deb Kaiser stated that Pinochle group would like Senior Center staff to remove old card tables from card table closet.

Board Comments:  Gary Kaiser requested a list of activities to be printed on a single page in large print for potential members.

Next meeting will be February 13, 2019 at 10:00 am

Full meeting minutes are available in the office although I have pretty much written them all out here!  :)


Pinochle........Our  Year  in  Review  2018

        The information being shared is based on the collection of names and scores gathered over 56 weeks between 9-21-2017 through 11-8-2018.  the idea behind keeping this information began as a fun attempt to resolve those often repeated phrases,  "I never win"  and "_____ always does!"  Not True!!  Thirty nine different names appear on the lists for having won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the 8 game series played each week or for having won double pinochle.  And now on to those winners!

      Twelve different first place winners have joined the "800 Club"  this year including:  Gary Wojnaroski (835),  Ken Pence  (830),  Donna Cook  (823), Betty Sweet (814), Dave Sokol (811), Deb Kaiser (810), Judy Hollister and Russ Harris (each having 806),  Barb Deagen (805), Gary Anemaet (803), Shar Martin (802) and Hank Cadena (800) and 30 people have won 1st place with 700+ series ranging from 704 to 798.  Gary Wojnaroski has won first place 6 times, Bob Maurer 4 times, with Marion DeRoo and Joe Magda each having come in first place 3 times.

        Double Pinochle has been won by 27 different players each taking home the prize 1 to 3 times.  But Betty Sweet, Bob Maurer and Ken Pence all won the double pinochle pot 4 times!  A side note to the double pinochle history is that Gary Anemaet only won the pot once this year, but it was on his birthday in 2017 and he got double pinochle twice that day!

       And the "biggest" winners recognition for the year have to go to Ken Pence, Bob Maurer and Gary Wojnaroski.  These fellow won "something"  (1st, 2nd, 3rd or double pinochle) more often than anyone else with Ken having 18 wins, Bob having 16 and Gary having 12.

       This year the low scores were also recorded and earned by 29 different folks.  Most of these forgettable scores ranged from 501 to 582, but sadly five different folks bottomed out with 417, 421, 428, 484, 491 and 495   and yes, you read correctly that one person fell into this group twice.  Names have been omitted to protect them all !!  I will report that this gal's name is the only one to have appeared 3 times in the low score history!  

       Most importantly, we have come together as friends and enjoyed 56 weeks of fun and laughter together.  May we enjoy many more!!

Updated News About your Eye Glasses
By  Barb  Yek

       Thank you to everyone who brings in their gently used eyeglasses.  I am the new contact person and will be taking your donated glasses to MOST Ministries in Ann Arbor where I volunteer once a week.
        Many of you probably remember Katherine Carlton who was one of the previous contact persons.  MOST Ministry stands for Mission Opportunity Short Term and gives many people the chance to go on short term mission trips, many of which are taking eye glasses to developing countries around the world where people otherwise would not be able to get them.  

     This year around 10 teams have or are going out to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Guinea, India, China and South Africa to name a few.  They also send out additional teams for medical, dental, construction, safe water, nursing and health.

      I was blessed to go on my first mission trip which was a dental/eye glass combination the end of June to Nicaragua.  We saw close to 700 people and gave out almost 800 pairs of glasses.  It was very rewarding and uplifting to see the smiles on peoples faces when they received their glasses and could actually see & be able to read.  This then helps children to succeed in school, helps an adult to secure a job and support their family and helps a senior to continue living independently.  It was a wonderful way for me to share God's love & the many blessings He has given me.

     So thank you again for donating your glasses you are not able to use any more yourselves.  Someone will be so thankful  to receive them.

Membership Cards Update

     Hey, just a short blurb to ask that you update your membership cards if you have not done so in the past 10 years or so.  Or if you have had some kind of life change such as a new allergy, change in your   life-saving meds, address change, death or divorce of a spouse or simply a change of emergency contact.  We DO  rely on these cards so we like to have up-to-date information!!    Thanks so much!!

T.V. Usage Reminder

I’m sure most of you noticed that we have several T.V.’s in the center and they are for your use!!  So if anyone would like us to turn them on, please ask!  We would be happy to put the ball game or special news reports on for you!  My only request is that the sound is not blasting ……….but of course, that is coming from someone whose mother-in-law refused to turn on her hearing aid and was mostly deaf; she had her T.V. on so loud you can hear it  1/2 mile away!!  Really!! 
We keep the  remotes in the office so they do not “walk” away!


      Janis from Miracle Ear will be here on:  Monday, September 26, 2019.  No appointment is necessary unless  you need a full hearing test.  If so, we need prior notice so she can bring all her equipment.** 

      She will be here:     1:00  -  2:30 pm

** once we let their office know to bring the equipment they will ask us for your phone number in order to schedule an appointment at their office, we try to discourage that but in case you get a call from Miracle Ear, that is how they know to call you


So what is VIABIL?? VIABIL stands for Visually Impaired And Blind In Livingston. Since 1989 the Visually Impaired and Blind in Livingston Inc., or VIABIL has served our community as a non-profit, growing group of people with serious vision impairments or blindness who live in Livingston County. They are open to persons of all ages with any variety of vision disorders and who are ready to reach out to other organizations that assist the visually impaired. VIABIL features dynamic guest speakers, free activities and events with programs specific to the visually impaired citizen. So how can you get involved?? Call them at 810-231-1277 VIABIL is sponsored by all five area Lions Club Organizations Attend a meeting - usually held the first Saturday each month at Brighton Lions Den in Brighton , 465 W. Main St. Free transportation to meetings is now provided by VIABIL VIABIL, Inc., has earned a tax exempt status from the IRS 501c-3 - your non-taxable contribution is appreciated!!

Hamburg Seniors Share -  Pictures July

The Photo Board will be closed for the next three months for summer vacation!  Instead, the space will be dedicated for everyone to see the exciting, new transportation program being piloted between the Hamburg Senior Center and the Livingston Essential Transportation Services (LETS) beginning July 1st.

The new program will feature regularly scheduled runs from people's homes,  to the Senior Center, into Brighton & Howell (on different days) and then return runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Pick ups and drop offs as well as trips to specific appointments to area medical centers will need to be arranged with a call to the Senior Center one week in advance.  And the cost?  Still only $1 each way!

The schedules taking people into Brighton or Howell will be posted on the board, along with necessary health form that needs to be filled out and filed Hopefully this is a service that will be used with increased numbers over the coming months and then possibly be recreated with other Senior Centers in the county.  You can plan ahead and schedule medical appointments, luncheon, movie or shopping dates and not need to worry about getting in your car!  And how nice for folks receiving Meals on Wheels to have the option to be driven to the center for lunch and enjoy the social/recreational activities at the center as well!

And last, the Photo Board lady wishes to thank all the wonderful people who shared so many beautiful wedding photos for the month of June.  It was amazing display and I was delighted to see so many people admire the brides and grooms on their special day! 

St. Paul Lutheran - Daisy's Pantry

          When/Where: Wednesdays - 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. 
            at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 7701 East M-36, Hamburg

        St. Paul Lutheran Church sponsors a pantry for anyone who has emergency needs. Their Daisy Pantry will supply food for those in need. There are no questions asked or appointment needed, just show up. If you have any questions, call St. Paul Lutheran Church at 810-231-1033.

Walking Group

  You do not have to sign up for it, just show up either here at the Senior Center at a about 10:45 am or in the parking lot on Merrill Rd. just across from the Senior Center.  we walk on Mondays and Thursdays at 10:30 am for about 1/2 hour.  Since we start right at 10:30 it is a good idea to get there a few minutes early so you don't miss the group.  You do not have to stay with the group but we like to start off together.  The faster walkers go fast and we hang with the slower paced walkers.  Please make sure your doctor approves of your walking as we walk about 1 1/2 miles and please please wear  proper  walking shoes with thick soles so you do not hurt your feet!!  And remember to wear clothes appropriate for the weather although we do NOT walk when it's raining or super hot out!!   See you out there!!!

Sweatshirts, Shirts & Hats - Oh My!!

       I had a red sweatshirt in my office that once belonged to a long-time member and folks were asking where/how they can get something like that since it is embroidered with our senior center logo. Well, wonder no more!! I've gotten some current pricing, colors and style of denim & performance shirts, sweatshirts and hats. The sweatshirts come in 2 different weights (8 oz. & 9.3 oz.) and are priced at $25 & $35; 1/4 Zip Sweatshirts $24 (8 oz. only); denim shirts $24; performance tee's $20 and hats $10. Turnaround time is approximately 2-3 weeks and payment HAS to be made at the time of the order (cash or checks made out to The Hamburg Senior Center). Plus sizes do run a little higher in cost.  We have some samples of what each item looks and we can place an order once a month or whenever we get a decent amount of orders in. Any questions - just come on in or give us a call and we will do our best to get your questions answered.

2019 Directories

           Chris is working on the 2019 Directories even as we speak.  As usual, she will only print out a few copies so that any typo's can be corrected and the best way to find a typo is for  y'all to find them!!  :)   So if/when y'all find them, please bring them to my attention or to Chris so she can correct them.  And, as always, this stays in-house and is only given out to our seniors.  Y'all know she's been asked to share our address list before and she always refuses!!  

     If you DO  NOT  want your information printed in the directory please let us know!!  810-222-1140  or 810-222-1142 or email us at:  or

Book of Services

       Julie has put together a book of reputable and recommended service providers to keep in the office. If you have a handyman, cleaning service, lawn maintenance service, or small job trades company that you can recommend please call the office — or you can email Julie Please make sure the company is happy to have the Referral !!!

Gleaners Produce

        Gleaners has received a grant from the State of Michigan to provide fresh produce to our seniors. What that means to you is this: on the 3rd Thursday of the month Senior Nutrition will deliver a batch of fresh produce and will be available to you to take home. It could be apples and grapefruit or it could be potatoes and onions or even canned goods, it just depends on what they were able to get that month. And we will not know what they're getting until it arrives here at the center...........just so we don't get a bunch of questions on what is coming in!! :) And yes, this is at no cost to you. Enjoy!! 

Hamburg Senior Community Center
10407 Merrill Road
P.O. Box 157
Hamburg, MI 48139 USA

Phone: 1.810.231.1000 Ext. 225
Direct Dial: 1.810.222.1140

Fax: 1.810.231.3877


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    Senior Program Director
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    Senior Assistant Director
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