Township Treasurer's Department

Treasurer's Department

01/17/2018 -  Treasurer's Assistant (Part-Time, Hourly, Non-Exempt)

This position is to provide sufficient clerical support for the days that either the Deputy Treasurer and or the Treasurer’s Clerk are not scheduled to work and provide additional coverage on high volume days. Duties include a variety of tasks in support of the Treasurer’s Office under the direction of the Deputy Treasurer.    Minimum pay range between $14.90 and $18.50 per hour  depending on experience

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moneyOur mission is to maintain a knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous staff, be receptive to the needs and concerns of the public, and provide the public with prompt and efficient service.  Our office also collects utility bills and issues dog licenses. For your convenience, detailed information regarding tax information and millage rates is provided online. We also have a drop box located in front of the Township Hall for payments made outside of normal business hours.

What We Do

By state statute, the Treasurer is responsible for:

    • Collecting real and personal property taxes.

    • Receiving receipts for Township expenditures.

    • Issuing Township checks.

    • Depositing Township funds in approved depositories.

    • Investing Township funds in approved investment vehicles.

    • Collecting delinquent personal property taxes.

    • Collecting mobile specific taxes.

Treasurer's Department  | Hamburg Township Michigan USA


Business Hours: Monday - Friday | 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.| Fax: 810.231.4295

Jason Negri, Treasurer | 810.231.1000 Ext. 204

Tricia Wiggle-Bazzy | Deputy Treasurer | 810.231.1000 Ext. 205

Noreen Zirkle | Treasurer's Clerk | 810.231.1000 Ext. 219

| Treasurer's Assistant | 810.231.1000 Ext. 217

Updated January 17, 2018

Hamburg Township Treasurer