Sewer Alarms & Emergencies


Sewer Alarms and Emergencies


exclamation point due amount Save yourself some money and call us first if you have slow moving or blocked drains. 


Please call 1-810-217-6085 immediately for service. Technicians are on-call 24 hours a day so there is no need to wait until business hours to call.

Please provide the Technician with your name, address, and telephone number with a detailed explanation of the nature of the problem.

Silencing The Alarm/Turning Off The Red Light

If there is a problem with the grinder pump station it will alert the Control Panel mounted on the side of your home. The control panel is gray or black with a red light located on top. The alarm will make an audible noise and the red light will come on. In order to silence the alarm you may press the reset button on the bottom of the panel. However, this DOES NOT fix the problem with the grinder pump station or sewer connection.

Discontinue water use
 until a DPW Technician has responded to your emergency and can diagnose and repair the problem.

All other sewer related questions should be directed to the Utilities Coordinator, Brittany K. Campbell at (810) 231-1000 Ext. 210 or via email at

Updated February 13, 2017