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train  About Us - Hamburg Historical Museum

Preserving and Presenting The History of Hamburg, Michigan

Opened in 2004, the goal of the Hamburg Historical Museum is to preserve and present the history of Hamburg, Michigan.

The Museum is located in one of Hamburg's major historic buildings. The building began in the mid-1850s as a Methodist Church, housed the Hamburg Township offices in the mid-1900's and was the home of the Hamburg Township Library for over 20 years.


Hamburg Township Donates Museum Building To Historical Society


August, 2011:

For the past few months, the Museum staff wasn't sure if we should plan for the future or start packing boxes.

The Museum building was slated to be sold by Hamburg Township and there was no acceptable alternative site available to house the Museum.

However, a collaborative effort between the Hamburg Township Historical Society Board of Directors, the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees and the Hamburg Township Library Board resulted in the Museum building now owned by the Hamburg Township Historical Society.


The Museum building is one of the oldest buildings in Hamburg Township and a wonderful example of adaptive uses by a small community. The building started as a Free Methodist Church built in 1865.


In the 1950s, the building housed the Hamburg Township offices. The current Museum Train Gallery started as the office for a lumber yard located by the railroad tracks.


In 1964, the building was purchased by Hamburg's first Library Board, dragged up Hamburg Road, and then placed over a basement dug by community members.


In 1976, a large room was added to accommodate the growing Library.


When the Township offices moved to Merrill Road in 1986, the 'Church' and the Library were bonded together.


The Library moved to Merrill Road in 2001 and the building was vacant for three years. The Museum opened in April 2004. 

Raise The Roof Sign

RAISE THE ROOF On the Hamburg Historical Museum


AApproximately one year ago, the Museum started our "Raise-The-Roof" fund-raising program to replace the aged and failing flat-roof section of the Museum.

Approximate costs ventured at that time ranted between $30,000 and $40,000. This monumental number seemd unattainable, but the Museum forged ahead because there was no other alternative. The roof had to be replaced, or the Museum would lose its new home.

Fortunately, fate smiled on the Museum, and a local architect angel (yes, there are such things) fell in love with the building and the Historical Society. He offered his skill and dedication to solve the Museum's dilemma. With uncommon ability, he was able to offer the Museum a new roof design at half the initial estimated price ranges.

The year-old roof account has approximately 20% of the need total, so the task now seems much less daunting. Each of you can help the Historical Society reach its goal in some way. A direct gift would be wonderful. The more members and visitors who walk through the Museum's doors leave money behind in some fashion.

The Historical Society plans to begin construction in very short order and its goal is to havea watertight roof on the building before snow falls.

Fund-Raising Events

Raise The Roof On The Hamburg Historical Museum Approximately two years ago we started out "Raise-The-Roof" fund-raising program to replace the aged and failing flat roof section of the museum. Fortunately fate smiled on the museum and a local "architect" angel (yes, there are such things) fell in love with the building and the historical society. He offered his skill and dedication to solve the museum's dilemma. With uncommon ability he was able to offer the museum a new design for half the initial estimated quotes. The two year roof account has collected approximately 20% of the needed total, so the task now seems much less daunting. Each of you can help us reach our goal in some way. Contributions for any pocketbook in our "Buy a Board Campaign." To honor your gift there will be a board for you to sign and it will be placed on display in the museum. $5 will buy a 2x4 $10 a sheet of CDX plywood $15 a roof vent $20 a bundle of shingles $25 insulation $30 a 20ft 2x6 $50 a large box of 16d nails $100 a truss (need 57) YOUR HELP IN ANY WAY AT THE MUSEUM -- PRICELESS!!

Coming Soon

A number of fund-raising events in late summer and early fall are planned, including, but not limited to:

  • A Visit to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair
  • Continuing events in the Tea Room, Gift Shop and Basement Treasures

Please spread the word any way you can and help the Society succeed with this necessary repair to this jewel in the community.


Donations are accepted - please contact the Museum to make a donation. Tax receipts are available at the museum. In addition, donations are accepted on gofundme.comc50fh4