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Exhibits - The Carter House
Perfection In Miniature

The Carter House

Click here to see enlarged photo of the Carter House Model.

A Unique Keepsake

... that now resides in the Hamburg Historical Museum is an exact replica of the Carter family home.

It rested for over 130 years on eight mile road between what is now U.S. 23 and the Ann Arbor Railroad track.

It was built on a scale of one inch to one foot and took Robert Carter, a carpenter by trade, 571 hours to complete.

It is complete with double hung windows that work and doors that swing on tiny hinges. The front door has tiny knobs and even a door key. Every room is furnished with wallpaper, carpets, paint and furniture of the period, exactly as Mrs. Evelyn Wilson, his sister requested. She asked Bob to build the house just as it was when they were kids.

The detail is incredible and is a tribute to Mr. Carter, his sister and anyone else involved in the creation of this remarkable keepsake.

A copy of the South Lyon Herald newspaper dated Wednesday, June 3, 1981 is part of the display along with photos showing construction details of the interior.

After the museum received this gift it was cleaned and renovated by Mr. Jerry Hacke, one of our dedicated volunteers and is now on display for your viewing pleasure.