News And Upcoming Events

News And Upcoming Events

News And Upcoming Events


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07/09/2018 - The Hamburg Township Police Department has received several reports from concerned residents regarding phone calls that they have received from a New York phone number (area code 516). In the phone call people are being told that they have 4 outstanding warrants and that the “local police department” will arrest them on the warrants if they don’t take care of them. This is a scam…please do not provide any personal information or respond to the phone call.

Please note the following:

1. No police department will ever attempt to have you “clear up” a warrant, post a bond or pay a fine over the telephone.

2. If you receive a call from someone reporting to be a police officer and you are suspicious about their true identity, please ask them for their name and the name of the police department for whom they work. Then hang up and either call that police department (using a phone number from a reliable source) or call your local police department and ask that they help you verify the legitimacy of the officer.

3. Please call your local police department and report if you are the victim of a scam attempt.


Hamburg Township would like to thank H.E.R.O for another successful Hamburg Township Family Fun Fest and for allowing us the opportunity to have a booth at this event!


I hope everyone had an opportunity to visit the Hamburg Township 2020 Master Plan Update booth at the Hamburg Township Family Fun Fest this weekend. This event was a great kickoff to summer and to the start of the public outreach portion of the 2020 Master Plan Update. Planning and Zoning Staff and Master Plan Steering Committee Members had a great time meeting and talking with people about the future of Hamburg Township. Don’t worry if you did not have a chance to stop by the booth this weekend, there will be other opportunities this summer to get you opinions heard. You can start by visiting  the Hamburg Township 2020 Master Plan Webpage at and filling out our community survey. Or by stopping by the Hamburg Township offices for a hard copy of the community survey to fill out and submit. We are excited to hear from you on what you want Hamburg Township to be.   Thank you again for the great weekend! - Scott Pacheco, Planning and Zoning


Livingston County government is pleased to present a 2017 Video Tour of Livingston County that showcases the advantages of living, working and playing in our County Community!




Hamburg Residents Needed to Model for Portrait Group

The Portraiteers of the Hamburg Senior Center are looking for residents who would like to have their portrait done. The only requirement: you must sit fairly still for 20 minutes at a time (you get several 10 minute breaks) and be available Fridays, 12:30 to 3 PM. Models receive a $35 fee The artists work in a variety of media, and if one of the portraits are interesting to you, you can work something out with the artist. So if you are interested, contact Chris at the Senior Center and she will take down your contact info. Phone: 1.810.231.1000 Ext. 225


Livingston County Emergency Management has a system in place to notify the community of critical information like tornadoes and other severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons, evacuations and other emergencies that may endanger the public. They are asking that all residents sign up for this service.


Direct link to the sign-up page -

Link to Livingston County Emergency Management information page -

Please share these links with your neighbors. The more people signed up for this notification the safer our community will be. Thanks!

Nick Miller
Deputy Chief / Training Officer
Hamburg Township Fire Department


Updated July 31, 2018