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MDOT Offering Resources To Drivers During Winter Months

November 20, 2018

 From WHMI 93.5 FM:  The Michigan Department of Transportation has partnered with Michigan State Police to prepare motorists for winter driving.


MDOT and the MSP have produced a new video that will act as a resource for residents on how roads are maintained during winter months. Much of the focus revolves around improved technologies with plow trucks and the benefits that drivers can take advantage of when there is inclement weather. All of their plows are now equipped with green lights, and will flash back and forth between green and amber to improve visibility, especially during whiteout conditions. Jocelyn Hall, from MDOT’s Office of Communications, says the response to these lights has been overwhelming positive.

Most of the plows now also have a live camera. Residents can log on to the Mi Drive website and the map to see not only where the plows are throughout the state, but also what the road conditions look like in front of them. Hall believes this will be a valuable resource in the morning for commuters who want to see if their route to work is cleared and what they can expect on the drive. MDOT is also reminding drivers to respect Michigan’s Move Over Law, which requires motorists to move over for stationary vehicles with their lights on or to at least slow down and pass with caution if changing lanes is not possible.


The video can be found on their website,, or on any of the department’s social media feeds. (MK)


Livingston County government is pleased to present a 2017 Video Tour of Livingston County that showcases the advantages of living, working and playing in our County Community!




Hamburg Residents Needed to Model for Portrait Group

The Portraiteers of the Hamburg Senior Center are looking for residents who would like to have their portrait done. The only requirement: you must sit fairly still for 20 minutes at a time (you get several 10 minute breaks) and be available Fridays, 12:30 to 3 PM. Models receive a $35 fee The artists work in a variety of media, and if one of the portraits are interesting to you, you can work something out with the artist. So if you are interested, contact Chris at the Senior Center and she will take down your contact info. Phone: 1.810.231.1000 Ext. 225


Livingston County Emergency Management has a system in place to notify the community of critical information like tornadoes and other severe weather, unexpected road closures, missing persons, evacuations and other emergencies that may endanger the public. They are asking that all residents sign up for this service.


Direct link to the sign-up page -

Link to Livingston County Emergency Management information page -

Please share these links with your neighbors. The more people signed up for this notification the safer our community will be. Thanks!

Nick Miller
Deputy Chief / Training Officer
Hamburg Township Fire Department


Updated December 6, 2018