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Welcome To The Hamburg Senior Community Center


March 2017

Greetings From Chris...

Christine Hoskins, Seniors Director

Hi Everyone!

Happy almost Spring!!  We've almost gotten over the worst of it!  And it's time for another Pot Luck and time for Spring Forward and time for everyone to wake up and smell spring!!  My little guy is just itching to get outside and play again and frankly, so am I !!  He likes me to push him on his swing and play in the sandbox and of course, he loves me to chase him all over the yard!!  I sure get my exercise with that little fella and this year my little grand-daughter will out there with us, hopefully toddling after us!!  She loves to sit and play with us now so I'm sure she's going to be right in there with us!  My exercise level just got higher!!  Oy………….I think my back hurts just thinking about it!!  ;)

Just a fast heads up…………...Linda Bauby of Livingston County Catholic  Charities will not be in this month.  She's heading to sunny Florida for some sunshine therapy with her husband!   I'm jealous by the way!!! :)  Linda will be here for the April Birthday Lunch so if you have any pressing issues, please call LCCC or wait until Linda returns! 

    The Township is in the middle of completing their Master Plan for the next 5 years and need your input so that the township can grow and accommodate their residents wishes.   A survey has been developed that we would like you to fill out; it will help us develop and    implement what you would like to see in our community.  We have a link to the Survey Monkey with the survey on our webpage and on our FaceBook page. Or I have paper copies on the  lobby table too that can be filled out and brought into the center for those of you who do not like to use the computer!!  Thanks for all your input and help!!  :)

    Hey…..Hey…...Hey!   Gonna have another Pot Luck annnnnd it falls right on          St. Paddy's Day …………..sweet!! ………….. And we're going to have our traditional Corned Beef—Cabbage—Potatoes-Carrots dinner from  C & C''s catering!!  Woo Hoo!!  That's enough to make me dance a jig!!  ;)

       And another thing that makes me want to dance and holler and sing??  Spring!!  Spring arrives 6:29 am on March 20th !!  Woo Hoo!!  I'm just really ready for winter and all it's illnesses and dreary, dark weather to be over with!!  So soon people ………… soon………. ……… soon it will be SPRING!!!  :) And the flowers will bloom and the birds will sing and the frogs will creak, croak, eh…... whatever, they're gonna do it !! YAY!!  Can you tell I'm not even mentioning all the rain that will soon follow??  Oh well, at least that's better than snow!!! 

         Til next month………….spring has sprung!............time to clean up the Harley ………….and time to play  OUTSIDE !!! YAY!!!

--Christine Hoskins, Seniors Program Director

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