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Social Scene - Hamburg Senior Community Center

March, 2017


cake Monthly Birthdays


Reserve your lunch for Wednesday, March 1, 2017 to help us celebrate your friends' birthdays.

This month the following members are celebrating their birthdays: Happy Birthday!


Becky Adams
Nancy Allore
Rita Balicki
Barbara Baumgartner
Jerry Blowers
Peggy Brewer
Joe Comps
Kay Corr
Josephine Czaja
Marion DeRoo
Myung Soon Dunlap
Sandra Dye
Joan Gafford
Craig Gow
Margaret Hicks
Judy Hollister
Roy Huey
Chris Hulan
Joyce Judd
Mildred Kaiser
Sue Kazusky
Pat Kolasinski
Sandy Lobbestael
Patti Magda

cake Birthdays -

Bobby Maynard
Patricia Meadows
Lauren Mielke
Dale Mitchell
Pearl Monkiewicz
Terry Moore
Helen Niles
Ron Parrish
Ken Pence
Gerry Przeslawski
Julie Reaume
Janet Rindfusz
Nadine Russell
Linda Seibert
Carol Snyder
Kathleen Stahl
Linda Stahl
Patricia Sullivan
Dick Urbanek
Sylvia West
Sherri Wisser
Gary Wojnaroski
Bennie Yount


Hamburg Seniors Share Bulletin Board - March 2017

"Sweethearts" was our photo board theme for February and it just seemed to be a natural lead in to sharing "Sweet Memories" for March. Let's share pictures of any sweet moments in your life that bring a smile to your face and warm flutter to your heart. Maybe it will be pictures of a person, place you visited, a vacation , an event held in your honor, and event that your attended that seemed especially memorable…….Anything goes this month!! Let's fill the board with photos and a short comment underneath letting us know the who, what, when and where that is involved. As always, all photos will be returned at the end of each month in the large envelope on the lower left corner of the photo board located next to our library. You are also welcome to suggest themes for upcoming months as well! 

lotus New Member Corner

I'd like to introduce new members who have joined the Hamburg Senior Center this past month.

Please welcome the following members to our Center:

Nan Ball

Millie Carene

Sharon Clark

Bob Maurer

Margaret Moehl

Edward Rudin

Ann Staub

Kathleen Sullivan

roseOur Condolences 

We would like to extend our condolences to the family who has lost a loved one and a valued member of our Senior Center.

Please extend your sympathy to the family of:

  • Elmer Carmack