About Hamburg's Planning & Zoning Administration

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The Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of Hamburg Township's Zoning and land use ordinances. The Department processes applications for Site Plans, Zoning Board of Appeals, Land Divisions/Lot Splits, Addresses, and Land Use Permits. The Department also provides information regarding flood plains. The Planning Department is: Scott Pacheco, Planning & Zoning Administrator. Feel free to call -- we will be happy to assist you!

What We Do

Duties of the Planning & Zoning Administrator

The Planning and Zoning Administrator:

  • Receives and reviews all applications for Land Use Permits and Certificates of Occupancy.

  • Approves/Disapproves such applications based on compliance or non-compliance with the provisions of the Hamburg Township ordinances and plans, and issues certificates when there is compliance. Performance guarantees may be required.

  • May suspend or revoke a permit issued under the provisions of the Zoning Ordiance whenever the permit is issued erroneously on the basis of incorrect information supplied by the applicant or his agent and is in violation of any of the provisions of any of the ordinances/regulations of the Township.

  • Violations of the Zoning Ordinance are to be reported to the Zoning Administrator, who shall inspect the alleged violation, order the violator in writing of required actions to correct any violation, and inform the violator in writing of rights to appeal a decision. The Zoning Administrator may institute injunction, mandamus, abatement or other appropriate proceedings to prevent, enjoin, abate or remove any unlawful erection, alteration, maintenance or use, for both civil and criminal remedies, as provided by law.

  • Receives all applications for site plan review and special use permits which the Planning Commission is required to decide under the ordinances and plans.

  • Conducts field inspections and investigations.

  • Prepares maps, charts and other pictorial materials when necessary or desirable.

  • Otherwise processes applications so as to assist the Planning Commission in formulating recommentations.

  • Notifies applicant in writing, of any decision of the Planning Commission, and implements the decisions of the Planning Commission.

  • Receives all applications for appeals, variances or other matters which the Zoning Board of Appeals is required to decide.

  • Prepares such applications for appeals, variances or other matters to the Zoning Board of Appeals and refers them with recommendations to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

  • Receives and processes all applications for amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, and otherwise processes the applications and prepares recommendations to the Planning Commission

  • Maintains a map or maps showing the current zoning classifications of all land in the Township.

  • Maintains written records of all actions taken by the Zoning Administrator.

  • Meets with the Planning Commission upon request.

  • Is responsible for providing forms necessary for the various applications to the Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission, Township Board, or Zoning Board of Appeals as is required by the Zoning Ordinance and be responsible for the information necessary on such forms for the effective administration of the Zoning Ordinance, subject to the general policies of the Township Board, Planning Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals.