Asphalt Repairs & Crack Filling - Bid Results

Bid Tab for Project Awarded at the 4/5/22 Board of Trustees Meeting


Parks and Rec - Lakelands Trail Asphalt Maintenance Grant #17-14A - Bid Tab

Motion to enter into an agreement with Alan's Asphalt and accept their proposal for the Lakelands Trail asphalt repair and crack filling and authorize Supervisor Hohl, Treasurer Negri, and Clerk Dolan to enter into an agreement for additional work above and beyond the $75,000.00 contemplated in the grant to get trail repairs completed as necessary up to a maximum of a total cost of $100,000.00 between the Townships contribution and the $75,000.00 bid. 

Motion made by  Hohl, Seconded by  Michniewicz.
Voting Yea:  Hohl,  Dolan,  Negri,  Hahn,  Hughes,  Michniewicz
Absent: Menzies

Project Contact: Pat Hohl, Supervisor
Phone: (810) 222-1116
Fax: (810) 231-4295

Project Manager: Tony Randazzo, Technical Services/Utilities Supervisor
Phone: (810) 222-1191

DESCRIPTION: Hamburg Township is seeking bids to perform the following repairs to the Mike
Levine Lakelands Trail in Hamburg Township:

• Saw-cut and replace with 3” of compacted 1100 Hot Mix Asphalt, all portions of the
Lakelands Trail identified with yellow caution paint.
• Clean and fill with 3405 hot butyl rubber crack filler all asphalt cracks marked with yellow
caution paint.

UPDATED: 4/12/22 DH

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