Parcel Reviews

The Assessing Department is in the process of reviewing all the land parcels in the township in order to update the records so they are as accurate as possible. We will be visiting each parcel to check measurements, story heights, decks, air conditioning, etc. We will leave a yellow card for the homeowner to fill out and return to the township. This card has information regarding the interior of the structure. We do not ask to inspect the interior, but we appreciate that the card is returned regarding interior information.

We began our review in Section 1. We are going through the sections numerically. You will receive a letter letting you know when we will be in your neighborhood.

The information we gather is used not only by the Assessing Department, but also by appraisers, real estate professionals, insurance companies, and mortgage lenders.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please contact Hamburg Township Assessing Department staff (see info at bottom of this page) for any clarification you may need or for any questions you have.

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