Portage Base Lakes Area Water & Sewer Authority - Rules and Regulations

portage_base_lakes_sewer_authority_blue_boat_logo Portage Base Lakes Area Water & Sewer Authorit
- Rules and Regulations

The Portage - Base Lakes Sewer Authority (PBSLA) provides sanitary sewer services to properties in and around Portage and Base Lakes in Washtenaw and Livingston Counties in the State of Michigan USA.

Rules and Regulations

Adobe_PDF-logo-DFB83F69E2-seeklogo.com Click here to view downloadable version of the PBLSA Rules And Regulations.

Sodium Chloride in Softeners

Additionally, the Authority's regulation against using sodium chloride in water softeners continues in place even if the regeneration water does not go into the sewer system. Authority regulations are considered legal ordinances and severe penalties exist for their violation including fines of up to $500.00 plus the cost of prosecution. Continued violation could result in up to 90 days in jail.

Flushable Wipes

Section 8.1.2 of the Sewer Authority's Rules & Regulations says a user (that's you!) shall not contribute wastewater containing substances which may cause interference with the operation of the wastewater treatment facility. The Sewer Authority has determined that even flushable wipes do cause such interference and therefore are prohibited to be flushed into our sewer system.


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