Waste Water Treatment Plant

Welcome To The Department of Public Works

The responsibilities of the Hamburg Township Department of Public Works include:

  • Maintenance and operation of the Hamburg Township Sewer System, including sewer lines, and grinder pumps. The DPW staff work very closely with the Utilities Department regarding coordination of installations and maintenance of system components.
  • Maintenance and operation of the Hamburg Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Respond to grinder pump maintenance calls, including sewer and grinder pump emergencies.
  • Perform water meter installations, reading and charting.
  • Stake "Miss Dig" requests.
  • Perform inspections and maintenance of sewer lines and related equipment.
  • Coordination of contractor work.
  • Oversight of sewer system field work.
  • Maintenance of sewer system equipment.
  • Repair and rebuild grinder pumps.
  • Assist engineers and other sewer system professionals as needed.
  • Other tasks that arise related to overall installation and maintenance of the sewer system as needed.

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