Deputy Director – Fire Operations

Deputy Director Jeffrey Newton was sworn in as the Deputy Public Safety Director for Fire Operations effective July 25, 2022. Deputy Director Newton brings with him over 36 years of public safety experience including 25 years of command experience. He has over 21 years of fire service experience with the Fraser Department of Public Safety where he served in various fire service roles including firefighter, engineer, fire officer and EMT-B responding to both fire and EMS runs.

During his tenure at Fraser he spent 12 years as a fire officer (3 years as a Sergeant and 9 years as a Lieutenant) where he was the on-scene commander on a variety of fire and medical calls. In addition, he received an extensive amount of Emergency Management training (FEMA certifications) and spent 12 years as an Emergency Management Program Manager/Liaison.

After retiring from Fraser, Deputy Director Newton served 10 years as the police chief for the Village of Pinckney. Deputy Director Newton has a Bachelor’s Degree from Ferris State University and is a graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Staff & Command.


Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Jordan Zernick was sworn in as Deputy Chief of Hamburg Township Fire on July, 19, 2022.

Deputy Chief Zernick was born and raised in Hamburg Township and is a graduate of Pinckney High School. He began his fire service career in 2008 when he was hired as a paid-on-call (POC) firefighter with the Hamburg Township Fire Department and was then promoted to the rank of POC Sergeant in 2012. In 2014 Deputy Chief Zernick was promoted to a full-time position as Fire Inspector and then to full-time Fire Marshal in 2017 before his promotion to Deputy Chief.

Deputy Chief Zernick’s duties include oversight of all department fire prevention responsibilities. He is NFPA Fire Inspector 1 & 2 certified and is certified as an NFPA Plans Examiner. In addition, Deputy Chief Zernick is a graduate of the Michigan State Police Arson School and a graduate of the Eastern Michigan University School of Staff & Command.
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