Station 11
station11_smfire dept patch - no backgroundStation 11 is located on M-36 at Pettysville Road.It was built in 1985 as a police station, which also housed a satellite fire station.

In 2000, the Township built a station for the police in the Township Complex on Merrill Road. As part of the construction project, Station 11 was renovated to add three drive through bays, more office space, and a training room. The new expanded station became our main station, and the old Station 12 (on Stone Street in the Village of Hamburg) became our satellite station.

When the new Station 12 was constructed on Veterans Memorial Drive, the old Stone Street station was retired from service.

Station 11 is our training center, and houses our on-site training.
Station 12
fire dept patch - no background

building 7As our main station, Station 12 is home to our administrative offices and is located at 10100 Veterans Memorial Drive, just west of the intersection of Hamburg Road and M-36. Station 12 is the first and only building in Hamburg Township that was designed and built primarily as a fire station.

Fire Safety House

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