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Welcome to Hamburg Pickleball! If you are new to the sport, or our facility, you are in the right place!

Two of the three existing courts were finished in 2022 with funding from the Township as well as the Hamburg Seniors, with the third made possible in 2023 with a generous donation from the Atwood Family. Our facility includes ample parking, seating areas, a picnic pavilion, and portable toilet. It is near the Hamburg Senior/Community Center which is an active community of residents 55 and older. You can find more information about their programs and services here: https://www.hamburg.mi.us/resident/seniors_senior_community_center/index.php.

The Pickleball Courts are limited to use by the Senior/Community Center, Monday - Friday, 9 am to 4 pm, after which it is available to the Hamburg residents. We ask that you adhere to our Pickleball Court Rules, and Code of Ethics which you can find below. 

Pickleball Court Rules

Senior Center Use - Monday – Friday - 9 am – 4 pm
Community Use - Weekdays after 4 pm and on Weekends
  • Courts are for Pickleball use only
  • Use at your own risk
  • Tennis or soft soles shoes required
  • Persons waiting to play must stay outside the court
  • No food or beverages on the court
  • No alcohol, glass, pets, profanity, or smoking
  • No rollerblades, bicycles, or skateboards
  • Children under 12 must be supervised
  • No unauthorized paid athletic services
Please observe proper Pickleball etiquette
All Players must have fun. Those not having fun should remove themselves from the premises.

"Code of Ethics" for line calls in Pickleball

1. Only make line calls on your side of the pickleball court and always strive for accuracy
2. Only call "out" balls when space is clearly visible between the line and where the pickleball lands
3. Call "out" balls promptly
4. Use voice and/or hand signals to call "out" balls
5. Give the benefit of doubt to your opponents
6. If you and your partner disagree, the ball is "in"
7. Spectators should not make any line calls
8. Do not question opponents' line calls unless there is a referee
9. You may ask your opponents to make a line call (but you give up your right to make the call and, if your opponents cannot make the call, the call will be "in"
10. An "out" call prior to the pickleball bouncing will be deemed partner communication and not a line call
11. You may overrule a line call that is to your disadvantag3e (and in favor of your opponents) at any time

12. Courts follow a four-person rotation after each game

Local and Online resources

Hamburg Pickleball FB Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/280274333591468

Hamburg Senior Center FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/hamburgseniorcenter

Pickleball tips - https://www.youtube.com/@PickleballMinute

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