Frequently Asked Questions

Hamburg Township has a number of ordinances and many of the provisions affect zoning issues and concerns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get a Land Use Permit?
Estimated review time is 2-5 days for complete application review on residential projects.  Applications for commercial projects may take up to 14 days to review.  Incomplete applications or applications requiring additional information to be provided may result in delays.  Please review the permit application checklist thoroughly to ensure your application is complete, and submit all required information well in advance of project start dates to avoid delays. Many projects also require building permits with Livingston County Building Department, which they need additional time to review permit applications. Please contact their office if you have questions about the building permit process at (517)-546-3240.
How do I request Final Zoning Compliance?
Contact us at (810)-231-1000 Ext. 230.
How do I request Certificate of Occupancy?
Certificate of Occupancy or Completion is issued from Livingston County Building Department, however you must have a Final Zoning Compliance inspection and approval first. Building Department phone number: (517)-546-3240.
How do I apply for a Variance (ZBA)?
Follow this link to the Zoning Board of Appeals webpage for the variance application packet - Click Here
How do I apply to split or combine a property? (or do a boundary line adjustment)
Follow this link to the webpage for the application form and ordinance requirements - Click Here.
What zoning district is my property zoned? And what am I permitted to do with my property?
View the Zoning Map here (Unfortunately, this is not an interactive map). If you are unable to find your property please feel free to contact us at (810)-231-1000 Ext. 230 or email us.

Once you know your zoning district you can be directed to Article 7 (District Regulations) of the Zoning Ordinance here, to further determine what permitted uses are allowed in that zoning district for you property.
How do I find where my well and septic are located?
Records may be found online here, or contact Livingston County Health Department at (517)-546-9850.
How do I determine where my property lines are located?
Hamburg Township does not determine where property lines are, but we may be able to help you using other documents on record. Some places to check for documents that may help with this is the Livingston County Register of Deeds officeLARA Subdivision Plat Maps if your lot is platted, or the Zoning Department files if a survey or permit was previously filed at our office. 
I would like to remove trees on my property, what do I need to know?
No permit is required from the Township, unless you will be grading, filling, or removing 50 cubic yards of soil on the property. No live tree removal is permitted in the Natural Rivers district. If tree stumps will be removed a Soil Erosion permit may be required from Livingston County Drain Commission: (517)-546-0400.
Is my property in a Floodplain?
To view the FEMA floodplain maps for your property Click Here. - Type in your full address to view your property on an interactive map. Contact us to find out what it means to be in a floodplain: (810)-231-1000 Ext. 230. 
How can I get an address assigned for my property?
No addresses are assigned to vacant lots. You will be issued an address for a new home or business when the Land Use Permit has been issued for a new home/business building. Click Here to find the address assignment/change form.
What can I do about my neighbors lot with junk cars, trash, blight, unsafe buildings, no permits, etc.?
We are complaint based. Please contact our Code Enforcement Officer at (810)-231-1000 Ext. 220, or fill out this form and return to the Zoning Department: Ordinance Violation Complaint Form
Can I have chickens on my property, or other animals, and what do I need to know about raising them?
Article 7, Section 7.7.1. describes requirements for keeping or raising animals on residential zoned properties. Click Here for those requirements. 

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