Demolitions - Documents Needed

Demolitions - Documents Needed

First, you will need to complete a Hamburg Township Land Use Permit. 

Demolitions Require the following submittals:demolishing - house demolition stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

  1. Call your local utility companies to attain the Electric and Gas Demolition Letters stating they have disconnected (shut off) the electric and gas going to the building to be demoed. The homeowner needs to request this shut off (not the contractor). ELECTRIC-DTE Energy customer service # is 800-477-4747 and the GAS-Consumers Energy customer service # is 800-477-5050
  2. Plot map of parcel showing all buildings onsite with labels showing what buildings are going to be demolished,
  3. Letter of authorization from property owner (or signed contract for work to be done),
  4. Completed land use permit application, and
  5. Payment of $45,
Policies and procedures for doing demos can be found in this brochure here.

Second, once you get your approved, paid land use permit, you will fill out Livingston County Building Department Building Permit here. The county will require you to show your approved township land use permit and stamped plans before applying for any permits with their office at 2300 E Grand River Ave. Suite 104, Howell, MI 48843.

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