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  Note: Most construction/permitted projects will require both a Hamburg Township Land Use Permit first, and then a Livingston County Building Department Building Permit here. The county will require you to get the township land use permit before applying for the building permit at their office in Howell.

A Land Use Permit is required for the following:
  The erection of a new accessory structure or the alteration of an existing structure. (Including, but not limited to: House, Garage, Shed, Deck, Fence, Interior Remodel, Patio, Gazebo, Porch, Pool, Generator, etc.).
  • The excavation, alteration or filling of land (50 cubic yards of soil).
  • The new use or change in use of land of an existing building, such as a short term rental. Are you renting out your home as an Airbnb, then you need an annual land use permit. See our brochure here for more information.
  • Window, Door, Siding, Roof, and Gutter work require a $15 Land Use Permit Waiver.
  • Installation of a heater, air-conditioner, or a stand-by generator require a $40 Land Use Permit Waiver. Click here about requirements for generator permits that can be mailed in. All mechanical equipment land use permits need a parcel map overview showing the side, rear and front yard setbacks onsite in relation to the new equipment installation. 
  1. Hamburg Township Land Use Permit - you are welcome to either come in and fill out the land use permit application form in person at the Township Hall Planning & Zoning counter, OR fill the application out online. See resource list below. The township land use permit has a varied fee schedule, depending on the type of project that you want to do.  
  2. You will need to submit a completed land use application form along with other required submittals.  SUBMITTALS REQUIRED are as follows;
    • A Land Use Permit Application Form with parcel owner and contractor's contact information filled out including: Proof of Ownership and Tax Identification Number.
    • Three (3) copies of a site plan of your property showing the location of all existing structures, septic tank and leachate field, the well, grinder pump, sewer lines, easements, alleys, roads and water. It is also necessary to note the dimensions of structures, if proposed project area has the proper setbacks in the front yard (from street), rear and side yards from neighboring property lines, as well as the distance between structures onsite. 
    • Note: It is important to know what Zoning District your parcel is in, to know what your required yard setbacks, maximum lot coverage, etc. that is found in our Zoning Regulations (Ordinance) here. Each zoning district has its own individual requirements and allowable uses. Also, you should know if you are in a wetland and/or in the FEMA 100 year flood zone. Livingston County GIS map can help you determine this here. We rely on property owners in providing us with where their property lines are located. If you do not know exactly where your property lines are please considered obtaining a boundary survey including location of structures on the lot. See list of area surveyors.
    • Three (3) copies of construction plans: For each project plans must contain front, side and rear elevations, floor plan, foundation plan, window and door placement, types of construction materials, cross sections as required by code, electrical, plumbing and heating/air-conditioning detailing. For re-roofing, plumbing or electrical, a description of work and list of materials is usually sufficient. 
    • Contractors are required to provide a notarized letter of permission from homeowner, a copy of signed contract between contractor and the homeowner, or the Homeowner Letter of Authorization Form.
    • The Zoning Administrator may, at their discretion, require further documentation, if deemed necessary. If you are in a designated floodplain area or on the Huron River, you will/may be required to submit a copy of your M-EGLE permit (Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy), and/or an Elevation Certificate that reflect the elevations on your construction plans. If you are required to submit and Elevation Certificate at construction, you will also need to provide a completed Elevation Certificate at foundation and final construction from a local surveyor. See list of area surveyors. If you are in a wetland, you will need a wetland delineation from a local surveyor as well. 
  3. After you turn in all your paperwork, it will be processed through the appropriate departments, and then our inspector will go out to do a site inspection. You will need to stake out building projects such as a home, garages, decks, patios, pools, or any other structure that involves property lines and structures. You do not need to be home for us to do our inspection. Once the inspection is completed, and your project plans have been approved, we will call you to let you know your  land use permit needs to be paid for and your (2) stamped plans are ready to be picked up from the Planning & Zoning Department. If you have any questions, please call the Planning and Zoning Office at (810) 222-1166.  
  4. If you are building a new home, or rebuilding within 400 ft. of a sewer line, you will need to call Brittany Campbell, the Utilities Coordinator, at (810) 231-1000 (Ext. 210) to ensure you have applied for and paid all sewer and water tap fees. These fees must be paid before your land use permit can be approved. Note: all construction and development must be at least 7.5 ft. from the grinder pump and sewer service easement.
  5. Once our department approves your project, and you come in to pickup your stamped plans and pay for your land use permit, you will come to the Planning & Zoning counter. We will print your land use permit. Together, we will walk it over to the Treasurer's counter. You will receive the land use permit form that will reflect your payment in the top right hand corner.
  6. Payment for the township land use permit can either be paid in person with the Township Treasurer, or sent via postal mail to: Hamburg Township, ATTN: Zoning Department, P.O. Box 157, Hamburg, MI 48139. Currently, there are no available online options to pay for land use permits.
  7. You will take this permit form, along with (2) red stamped copies of your approved submittals to the Livingston County Building Department which is located at 2300 E. Grand River Ave., Howell, MI 48843. If you have any questions, please call them at (517) 546-3240 or visit their website at this point you will work with Livingston County Building and Health Departments until you are finished with your project. The actual building inspections required under the state construction building codes are completed by the Livingston County Building Department. Remember, NO WORK CAN BE STARTED UNTIL YOU HAVE A BUILDING PERMIT FROM LIVINGSTON COUNTY! 
      Resources for Land Use Permit & Procedures:
    Brochures and Form -Resources regarding the construction of accessory structures, balconies, decks, porches, fencing, and buildings:

  • Local Surveyors List (updated 2020)
    • Note: We rely on property owners in providing us with where their property lines are located. If you do not know exactly where your property lines are please considered obtaining a boundary survey including location of structures on the lot.
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Zoning Amendment, Special Use Permit, & Site Plan Review Forms:
   In Michigan, if a Special Use Permit is needed, then a Site Plan Review is also required.

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  2. Request Fire Marshal Inspection
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