Land Use Permit Process & Forms

* ALWAYS START AT HAMBURG TOWNSHIP! - Most construction/permitted projects also require a Building Permit from Livingston County, however a Land Use Permit is required prior to going to Livingston County. 

Land Use Permit Forms and Procedures:

Other helpful information for constructing buildings:

* If the property is on township sewer, then any and all construction & development must be at least 7.5 feet from the grinder pump and sewer service easement - Contact Utilities Coordinator at (810)-231-1000 Ext. 210 for questions.

  • Fee Schedule
    • Note: Fees are non-refundable unless application is withdrawn prior to issuance of a permit or other plan review. 
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  • Local Surveyors List (updated 2020
    • Note: We rely on property owners in providing us with where their property lines are located. If you do not know exactly where your property lines are please considered obtaining a boundary survey including location of structures on the lot.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Zoning Amendment, Special Use Permit & Site Plan Review Forms:

* In Michigan, if a Special Use Permit is needed, then a Site Plan Review is also required.

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Request Fire Marshal Inspection

A Land Use Permit is required for the following:

The erection of a new accessory structure or the alteration of an existing structure. (Including, but not limited to: House, Garage, Shed, Deck, Fence, Interior Remodel, Patio, Gazebo, Porch, Pool, Generator, etc.)

*Liv. Co. Building Dept. Building Permit is almost always also required in addition to the Land Use Permit*

  • The excavation, alteration or filling of land.
  • The new use or change in use of land or an existing building.
  • Window, Door, Siding, Roof, and Gutter work require a $15 Land Use Permit Waiver.
Please refer to the Zoning Ordinance for additional Information.


  • A Land Use Permit Application Form with contact information filled out including: Proof of Ownership and Tax Identification Number.
  • Three(3) copies of a site plan of your property showing the location of all existing structures, septic tank and fields, well, grinder pump, sewer lines, easements, alleys, roads and water. It is also necessary to note the dimensions of structures from property lines and in between structures. Note: We rely on property owners in providing us with where their property lines are located. If you do not know exactly where your property lines are please considered obtaining a boundary survey including location of structures on the lot. Here is a list of area surveyors.
  • Three(3) copies of construction plans: For each project plans must contain front, side and rear elevations, floor plan, foundation plan, window and door placement, cross sections as required by code, electrical, plumbing and heating/air-conditioning detailing. For re-roofing, plumbing or electrical, a description of work and list of materials is usually sufficient.
  • Notarized letter of permission from homeowner or copy of signed contract between contractor and the homeowner.  Feel free to use this form if necessary: Homeowner Letter of Authorization Form.
  • The Zoning Administrator may, at their discretion, require further documentation if deemed necessary. -Such as the following: If you are in a designated floodplain area or on the Huron River, you will/may be required to submit a copy of your M-EGLE (Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy) permit, and/or an Elevation Certificate that reflect the elevations on your construction plans. If you are required to submit and Elevation Certificate at construction, you will also need to provide a completed Elevation Certificate at foundation and final construction. 
After you turn in all your paperwork, it will be processed through the appropriate departments, and then our inspector will go out to do a site inspection. You do not need to be home for us to do our inspection. Once the inspection is completed and your project plans are ready for you to pick up the Planning & Zoning Department will call you. (View Fee Schedule). We will give you back two (2) copies of your site plans and construction plans that have been approved (red stamped) by us. You will then take your plans and a copy of your Land Use Permit to Livingston County Building Department in Howell, and they will guide you through the Building Permit process. At this point you will work with Livingston County Building and Health Departments until you are finished with your project. The actual building inspections required under the state construction building codes are completed by the Livingston County Building Department. NO WORK CAN BE STARTED UNTIL YOU HAVE A BUILDING PERMIT FROM LIVINGSTON COUNTY. 

STAKING REQUIREMENTS – upon issuing a Land Use Permit:

  • Lot corners/sides must be clearly staked/marked.
  • Lot lines must be marked with string for accurate lot line identification (when applicable).
  • Project corners must be clearly staked and the building perimeter footprint marked with string.
  • Lot must be clearly identified with a sign (i.e. “Lot 49” or “Smith’s Lot”). If an address is issued, address must be visible from the road.
  • If your project is not clearly identifiable, Land Use Permit approval can be delayed and a $25 re-inspection fee maybe charged.
When you are finished with your project, check your Land Use Permit under "Requirements For Final Zoning Compliance." Any items that are checked off need to be completed before you call us for your final inspection. In the event that you are unable to comply with one or more of the items (for example: say that your Land Use Permit requires 2 trees to be planted, and it's winter time), you may be able to make arrangements with the Planning & Zoning Administrator to place a bond for the trees, so that you could then get your final inspection from us. The Livingston County Building Department will not issue a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) without our final inspection approval. 

After you have taken care of any outstanding compliance items, you should call us and request a re-inspection. After the inspector approves it, your bond money will be returned to you. NOTE: A reinspection fee of $25.00 will be added to the cost of the bond, and must be paid by separate check. - Thank you.

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