Mechanical Equipment Installation (Generator, air conditioner, heater, jacuzzi, solar panels)  - Documents Needed

Mechanical Equipment Installation (Generator, air conditioner, heater, jacuzzi, solar panels)  - Documents Needed

First, you will need to complete a Hamburg Township Land Use Permit. You will also need to include the submittals listed below for us to approve this land use permit.Kohler 20RESC

Ways to Apply for Land Use Permit:

  • In Person-Completely fill out the land use permit application at home and bring to the Township Hall with 3 "hard copies" of all submittals listed below as well as electronic copies, if larger than 8.5" X 11". Pay $40 either by check made out to “Hamburg Township”, Cash, or a Credit card. (Note there is a 2.8% credit card fee.)  Completely fill out one copy of the Hamburg Township Land Use Permit Application, but make 3 copies of all other submittals (one set for Hamburg, and two sets for Livingston County Building Dept.) that can be "red stamped".
  • Send in via Postal Mail -Completely fill out the land use permit application, with a check made out to “Hamburg Township” for $40, mail to: Hamburg Township, ATTN: Zoning Department, P.O. Box 157, Hamburg, MI 48139. We only need 1 set of submittals (if you are sending through postal mail) since we will scan the stamped copy and email it back to you once received, approved and paid for. Make sure to include your email address on your land use permit application.
  • Currently, there are no available online options to pay for land use permits.

Mechanical Equipment Installation (Generator, air conditioner, heater, jacuzzi, solar panels) require the following submittals along with the land use permit application:

  1. It is important to know what Zoning District your parcel is in, to know what your required yard setbacks, maximum lot coverage, etc. that is found in our Zoning Regulations (Ordinance) here. Each zoning district has its own individual requirements and allowable uses. It is good to get familiar with Chapter 36 (Zoning), Article VII, Section 36-230 (10) regarding mechanical equipment yard encroachments HERE.
  2. It is important to know if you are in a wetland and/or in the FEMA 100-year flood zone. Livingston County GIS map can help you determine this here. We rely on property owners in providing us with where their property lines are located. If you do not know exactly where your property lines are please considered obtaining a boundary survey including location of structures on the lot. Click here for a list of area surveyors.
  3. Overview site plot plan of parcel (with all details shown as described in the brochure below) showing footage setback measurements from side/rear/front lot lines from the outside of mechanical unit (SEE IMAGE on right side).  Is the property on septic or sewer? We need to see where it is on your plot map. ALL MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT must be 7.5 ft. from the grinder pump! Nothing will be approved if it isn't!  Also nothing is allowed to be built over the sewer lateral line easement -where the grinder pump connects to the road Make sure to call the Utilities Coordinator, Brittany Campbell at 810-222-1193 with any questions. Also the township must check if your parcel is in the wetland or the FEMA 100- yr flood plain. 
  4. Letter of authorization from property owner (OR signed contract showing homeowner approval for work to be done),
  5. Completely filled out land use permit application, and
  6. Payment of $40.
  • Here are the policies and procedures for installing mechanical equipment can be found in the Mechanical Brochure here
Second step, once you get your approved, paid land use permit, 
You will fill out Livingston County Building Department Building Permit here. The county will require you to show your approved township land use permit and stamped plans before applying for any permits with their office at 2300 E Grand River Ave. Suite 104, Howell, MI 48843.

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