Land Use Permit Process & Forms - Residential

Click on the appropriate hyperlink below to see more information regarding each Residential Land Use Permit that you need to submit.

  •   When a Land Use Permit is needed, click here.
  •   Accessory dwelling units, click here.
  •   Accessory structures, such as garages, sheds, gazebos, and pergolas, click here.  
  •   Building demolitions, click here.   
  •   Decks, porches and patios, click here.  
  •   Drainage /Grading work, click here.
  •   Fences and retaining walls, click here.  
  •   Home additions or remodeling, click here.
  •   Home occupation (home office/home business), click  here
  •   Mechanical equipment installations (generators, air conditioners, heaters, mini splits,               Jacuzzis, whirlpools, and solar panels), click here.   
  •   New homes, click here.
  •   Re-roof of shingles, siding, gutter, and window/door replacements, click here.  
  •   Short-term Rentals, click here.
  •   Variance requests for Zoning Board of Appeals, click here.

   Updated on 9-8-2023 LDP

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