Training Workshops

Planning & Zoning Administration hosts training workshops at Hamburg Township Hall on planning and zoning issues for elected officials, planning commissions, and zoning boards of appeals. 

09/11/2019 - 7:00 p.m. - Zoning Board of Appeals Training Workshop presented by Beth Rosati.   Click here to view on Livestream.

02/04/2015 - Basic Training For Elected Officials, Planning Commissions and Zoning Boards of Appeals - Presenter: John Enos of Carlisle/Wortman & Associates for Michigan Municipal League (MML). 
  • View Info Packet of PowerPoint Slides (pdf) - click here.
  •  View video of workshop - click here.

1-11-2022 - "Floodplain Management 101 Workshop: What You Need To Know About Floodplains in Your Community. Presenter is Donna Cervelli, PE, Voluntary Wetlands Program Floodplain Engineer of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality/Water Resources Division.   The workshop covered details of the State Construction Code Permits and Floodplain Regular Requirements, including:

  • What is a floodplain? What activities require a permit from the State?
  • Code related issues based on the Michigan Building Code and the National Flood Insurance Program; i.e., elevation requirements, crawl space construction in floodplain, etc.
  • Floodplain Management and updating FIRM maps
  • Elevation Certificates
To view this recorded class, click here.

Advancing Inland Lake Stewardship Through Shoreline Best Management Practices:
1-25-2022 - 
Traditional methods of hard armoring and installation of seawalls along inland lake shorelines have reduced shoreline habitat and degraded water quality, however incorporating Best Management Practices can minimize impacts to our inland lakes. This webinar will provide an overview of the Best Management Practices for lakefront shoreline protection and erosion control, including bioengineering, riprap, and replacement of existing seawalls. In addition, considerations for determining the best shoreline protection method at your site, basic descriptions and information on the different methods, the new Minor Project categories for seawall replacement permit applications, and shoreline best management practices for inland lakes will also be covered. This webinar is for consultants, contractors, and homeowners who are interested in inland lake shoreline protection. 

To view the recording of this class, click here.

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