Training Workshops

From time to time, the Planning & Zoning Administration hosts training workshops at Hamburg Township Hall on planning and zoning issues for elected officials, planning commissions, and zoning boards of appeals. 

09/11/2019 - 7:00 p.m. - Zoning Board of Appeals Training Workshop presented by Beth Rosati.   Click here to view on Livestream.

02/10/2016 - "Floodplain Management 101 Workshop": Presenter:  Donna Cervelli, PE, District Floodplain Engineer ( for Michigan Department of Environmental Quality/Water Resources Division.   The workshop covered details of the State Construction Code Permits and Floodplain Regular Requirements, including:

  • What is a floodplain? What activities require a permit from the State?
  • Code related issues based on the Michigan Building Code and the National Flood Insurance Program; i.e., elevation requirements, crawl space construction in floodplain, etc.
  • Floodplain Management and updating FIRM maps
  • Elevation Certificates

View video of workshop - click here.

02/04/2015 - Basic Training For Elected Officials, Planning Commissions and Zoning Boards of Appeals - Presenter: John Enos of Carlisle/Wortman & Associates for Michigan Municipal League (MML).

  • View Info Packet of Powerpoint Slides (pdf) - click here.
  •  View video of workshop - click here.

The Planning & Zoning Administrator is Chris Madigan.  The Zoning Coordinator is Brittany Stein.  Feel free to e-mail or call -- we will be happy to assist you!

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