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Our Ordinance has been codified by Municode and Hamburg Township does not guarantee that information on this web site is accurate, timely or complete, although the Township strives to meet those criteria. Any errors or omissions will not negate the ordinances nor their effectiveness.   The codification process will be updated annually and changes will be referenced upon adoption.   If you have questions about any code provisions, please contact the Township at 810-231-1000 Ext. 218 (Township Coordinator's office), or via e-mail at

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Click on the link above to access the ordinances and plans. Access is free, and you may save copies of files on your computer at no charge. Anyone wishing copies of archive ordinances or to view historical files, should contact the Ordinance Coordinator in the Clerk's Office at (810) 222-1124 or


Hamburg Township was organized as a township in 1837. We are a "general law" township as defined under Michigan law. Hamburg is a "zoned" community. Zoning was first enacted in 1968.  Hamburg Township participates in the National Flood Insurance Program and is a Community Rating Service Class 8 community. Many areas of the township are served by sewer service, and some are served by water service.  The Township supports its own fire and police departments. Hamburg's fiscal year begins July 1st and ends June 30th. In the 2000 Census, Hamburg had 20,627 people. In the 2010 Census, Hamburg had 21,165 people.  In the 2020 Census, Hamburg had 21,259 people.

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