Precinct Delegates


Filing Deadlines
By 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 7, 2024   Candidates for county convention delegate (precinct delegate) file an Affidavit of
Identity for the August primary. Filing submitted to the clerk of the county in which
candidate resides. Withdrawal deadline elapses at 4:00 p.m. on May 10, 2024 (168.624, 624a)

By 4:00 p.m., Friday, August 2, 2024   Write-in candidates who seek precinct delegate positions file Declaration of Intent
forms with the county clerk for the August primary. (As an alternative, candidates for
precinct delegate may file the Declaration of Intent form with appropriate precinct
board on election day before the close of the polls.) (168.737a)

Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing Precinct Delegate

Precinct Delegate Filing Requirements
Write In Candidate Precinct Delegate Declaration of Intent 


What is a Precinct Delegate?
Precinct Delegates are perhaps one of the most important roles in politics. They are the first rung on the ladder of elected base members, for the two major political party organizations. They are closer to their community than any other elected official.

  • Elected directly by the voters in each precinct
  • Elected to serve as a liaison between the parties and voters in their neighborhood.
  • Represent their neighborhood at various party meetings throughout their two-year term.

Role of a Precinct Delegate
Precinct Delegates have some very important responsibilities in state and local party politics. Precinct Delegates attend county and state conventions once during non-Presidential election years and twice during Presidential election years.

  • Responsible with helping turn out party votes on Election Day.
  • Help register people to vote, distribute literature, identify party supporters and ensure they vote on Election Day.
  • Delegate to the County Convention's called during your two year term.
  • There are three county conventions called for under Michigan election law.

Fall convention (after the Primary) – select delegates to the Fall state convention where statewide candidates for the November General Election are nominated.

Post-election convention – select county party officials

Spring convention – select delegates to the regular state convention where state party officials are elected.

  • Each convention has a different purpose which will be detailed when the convention is called. Conventions take place in Livingston County in the evening and notices are sent to delegates detailing the time and location. These notices, or "Call to Convention", are sent out via first-class mail roughly 30 days prior to the convention.
  • County Conventions are where delegates have the opportunity to vote on things at the County level, county party leadership, nominations of delegates to State Convention etc.
  • State Conventions are where nominated delegates have the opportunity to vote on State level activities, State party leadership, nominations for Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Board of Education, electoral college representation etc.
  • While every election and delegate differ, delegates should plan on attending conventions and spending roughly 2 hours a week in their delegate roll.

Term of Office
All precinct delegates are elected every two years during the August Primary Election. Precinct Delegates will be elected during the August 2, 2022 Primary Election and will serve until the August Primary Election in 2024.

  • A precinct delegate candidate may hold or seek any other public office in Michigan. Consequently, a precinct delegate candidate may appear as a candidate for another office on the August primary ballot.
  • While a precinct delegate candidate may not serve as an election inspector in the precinct in which he or she resides, a precinct delegate candidate may serve as an election inspector in any other precinct in the county. (MCL 168.677


What is a convention?
A convention is a gathering of Precinct Delegates. There are two types of conventions. County conventions are once during non-Presidential election years and twice during Presidential election years. County Conventions choose county party officers and delegates to the state conventions. State Conventions happen after a County Convention and are attended by those delegates who are chosen during the County Convention. State conventions are especially important because they nominate many of our elected officials, all the way from party chair to Secretary of State and Lieutenant Governor.

What happens at the state convention?
Friday night, there are district caucuses. During these caucuses the district GOP leadership is elected and during presidential years, the presidential elector is selected. Also Friday night, all of the candidates that will be voted on Saturday will speak. Saturday, there is voting for various positions, depending on which convention. Below is a list of all of the positions elected at all conventions. · MIGOP Chair/ Co-Chair · Lt. Governor Nominee · Attorney General Nominee · Grassroots Vice Chair · Outreach Vice Chair · Ethnic Vice Chair · Administrative Vice Chair · Coalitions Vice Chair · Youth Vice Chair · Secretary of State Nominee · Supreme Court Nominees · U of M Board of Regents Nominees · MSU Trustee Nominees · Wayne State Board Nominees · Board of Education Nominees · National Committeeman/ Woman

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