FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the tax bills mailed?
Summer tax bills are mailed on July 1st and Winter tax bills are mailed on December 1st each year.
When can I call to find out what my current year taxes will be?

As of July 1st and December 1st  you can easily check the amount of your tax bill now online, without having to wait for business hours to make a phone call to the Treasurer's Office, by clicking here.

When are taxes collected?
Summer taxes are collected July 1st through September 14th.  After 5:00 pm penalty and interest will apply. Winter taxes are collected from December 1st through February 28, without penalty or interest.
To whom do I make the check payable?
Make your check payable to the "Hamburg Township Treasurer" and include your current telephone number and the parcel number of the property.
Does the Treasurer's Office take partial payments for taxes?
Yes. BUT, any amount not paid by the due date will go delinquent and incur penalties and interest. Also, partial payments are accepted once tax bills are mailed out.
What do I do if my mortgage company is going to pay my property taxes?
You must have your mortgage company submit a written request to the Treasurer to have your tax bill sent to the mortgage provider. A copy of the bill is also sent to the property owner. Mortgage companies need to notify this office of their bill requests by June 1st for summer taxes and November 1st for winter taxes, each year.
What if I have changed mortgage companies during the year?
If you have changed mortgage companies, it is possible that the new mortgage company will not get your tax bill if they have not provided a written request to receive a copy of your tax bill. We recommend that the property owner fax a copy of their tax bill to the new mortgage company and request that they provide a written request to have all future tax bills sent to the mortgage company.
What happens if I move or change my mailing address?
If you move or change your mailing address, please notify the Hamburg Township Assessor's Office in writing. Failure to receive a tax bill does not release the property owner from paying property tax or any penalty or interest charged for delinquent taxes. The Treasurer is not responsible for undeliverable tax bills or wrong parcel descriptions.
When do my property taxes have to be paid to receive a tax deduction on that year's income tax return?
To receive a deduction for property taxes on your income tax the taxes must be paid by December 31. The Internal Revenue Code states that a property owner can take a deduction for property taxes in the year paid. The IRS regards the Township database as the date paid, not the date the mortgage company releases the payment.
Can I deduct the interest portion of my special assessment?
A property owner may be able to deduct the interest portion of their Special Assessment. Please see the Special Assessment Payment Detail sheet issued each year and the IRS reminder and contact your tax planner.

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