banner-first-01The Hamburg Township Assessing Department consists of four people: the Assessor, Susan Murray MAAO, who is certified through the State of Michigan;  Mandy West, MAAO and Brendan Scheitz, MAAO. The Assessing Department  is responsible for the review of all new construction and the review of parcels that have transferred ownership. Our staff will be visiting your property if either of these events have occurred.

Parcel Info Search

Search for parcel information by owner's name, property address or parcel tax identification number. Online Property Inquiry

Parcel Reviews

The Assessing Department is in the process of reviewing all the land parcels in the township in order to update the records so they are as accurate as possible. We will be visiting each parcel to check measurements, story heights, decks, air conditioning, etc. Parcel Reviews

Principal Residence Exemption

The legislature for the State of Michigan has passed legislation to change the filing date and the name of what was the Homestead Exemption. This is the paperwork that a homeowner files in order to receive an 18 mill exemption from school operating taxes. It is now called Principal Residence Exemption. 

Assessing Related Forms

These .pdf forms are interactive forms that are used for the State of Michigan Department of Treasury for assessing purposes.

Board of Review

The Board of Review is a board of three property owners in the Township whose purpose is to review the values that are set by the Assessor and to correct any errors in the assessing process. More information

Hamburg Township Assessing Department
10405 Merrill Road
P.O. Box 157
Hamburg, Michigan USA 48139
Fax: 810.231.4295

email: Susan Murray, MAAO Assessor
810.231.1000 Ext. 216 
Direct Dial: 810.222.1161

email: Mandy West, MAAO 
810.231.1000 Ext. 211 
Direct Dial: 810.222.1164

email: Brendan Scheitz, MAAO 
810.231.1000 Ext. 213 
Direct Dial: 810.222.1162

Updated May 26, 2021

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