Cemeteries and Mausoleum

1-south hamburg cemeteryGeneral Rules

  • No alcoholic beverages, off-the-road vehicles, dogs or horses are permitted in the cemetery.
  • No grading, digging, leveling, or excavating or similar alteration to the ground upon a burial space shall be allowed without the permission of the Cemetery Administrator.
  • All refuse of any kind or nature must be deposited in refuse containers located within the cemetery.
  • Cemeteries shall be open to the general public from sunrise to ½ hour after sunset each day.
  • No person shall be permitted in the Township cemeteries at any time other than the foregoing hours, except upon permission of the Cemetery Administrator.  Any person entering upon or loitering within a township cemetery shall be deemed guilty of trespass and shall be subject to penalties as stated in the Township Code.
  • Any decision of the Cemetery Administrator may be appealed to the Cemetery Committee.  Applicants shall have a right to appeal any decision of the Cemetery Committee to the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees.
Clerk's Office

10405 Merrill Road
P.O. Box 157
Hamburg, Michigan 48139
Phone: 810-231-1000
Fax: 810-231-4295
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Township Clerk
Phone:   810-231-1000   Ext. 206
Direct Dial Phone:  810-222-1121
E-mail:  mdolan@hamburg.mi.us

Deputy Clerk
Phone:  810-231-1000  Ext. 207
Direct Dial Phone:  810-222-1117
E-mail: mkuzner@hamburg.mi.us

Cemetery Administrator/Sexton
Phone:  517-499-6454
Email: dhoeppner@hamburg.mi.us

Updated June 4, 2024

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