Road Maintenance FAQs

We live on a private road and would like the Township to hire someone to provide road maintenance services.  

Can these costs be placed on our annual tax bill?

Yes. A majority of the property owners who will benefit from the service may petition the Township to create a special assessment district. If approved, the township will place the annual cost for these services on the individual tax statements. For more information please contact the Utilities Department at (810) 231-1000 Ext. 210.

PRIVATE ROAD S.A.D.S:  Road Grading & Dust Control FAQ'sEdit

Our gravel road is a muddy mess; can you do something to stop this springtime situation?
We can try, but in the spring when the frost comes out of the road, what was once frozen and solid turns soft and unstable. It will remain this way until the moisture comes out of the road. The best cure for this is warm dry temperatures and a good wind. If we attempt to grade and haul gravel on top of this condition, it could turn into a bigger mess because the heavy equipment will disturb the saturated ground even deeper, making it take longer to dry out and firm up. Be assured we will respond to any request of this nature and do the best we can to repair it.
How many times does the Township grade the S.A.D. private gravel roads?
Roads are graded when the road conditions warrant grading. However, the number of annual road gradings is limited to the number of times petitioned and budgeted for through each of the individual Special Assessment Districts. The Township will grade and spread gravel on those roads needing repair. This is generally late spring after the roads dry out from the ground frost and in the fall prior to winter maintenance but will be done as needed throughout the summer months.
Dust Control is included in my S.A.D.; when does the Township spray for dust control?
During the months when dust is a problem the roads are graded prior to the application of 38% calcium chloride. The schedule for spraying is generally one week prior to or after Memorial Day, the 4 th of July, and Labor Day. The schedule may be slightly changed due to the weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances but will generally stick to the original schedule. Dust control will be completed either the same day or the day after the roads are graded. Gravel roads are not completely re-graded until they are ready for a new application of chloride during the summer months.

Asphalt Patching FAQ's

My subdivision street needs to be resurfaced. Can the Township do something about this?
All public roads are managed through the Livingston County Road Commission. Property owners can petition the Township to create a special assessment district for the road improvement. If more than 50% of the property owners to be assessed sign a petition, the Board can approve the project. The Livingston County Road Commission will typically provide the engineering. The residents will be assessed for the road improvement cost. The Township will sell bonds to pay the project costs and the residents will reimburse the bond loan with interest over a pre-set time period through annual special assessment payments on the December tax bill. For more information regarding resurfacing of public subdivision streets please contact the Engineering Department of the Livingston County Road Commission at (517) 546-4250.
We live on a private road. Are we responsible for paving it?
Typically the property owners are responsible for paving of private roads. However, the Township can administer a Special Assessment District (S.A.D.) for residents who would like their private road paved. Any residents who would like their private roads paved should contact the Hamburg Township Utilities Department at (810) 231-1000 Ext. 210.
Asphalt maintenance is included in my S.A.D.; when are the potholes repaired?
During the winter months the Township is planning for summer projects. This process includes an on-site assessment of the paved private streets maintained through Special Assessment Districts (S.A.D.s). A list of repairs that need to be made is prepared and prioritized based on need and the availability of resources needed to complete the repairs. The purpose of the asphalt maintenance patch is to repair those areas where potholes are prevalent. This activity will extend the useful life of the pavement, but is not a total resurfacing of the street. If residents wish to resurface their streets a new Special Assessment District must be petitioned for by the property owners. If you notice a pothole that needs to be repaired please contact the Utilities Department at (810) 231-1000 Ext. 210.

Miscellaneous FAQ's

Do I have to pay off my special assessment when I sell my home?
The Township does not require that special assessments be paid off when property is sold. That is a buyer-seller decision. The assessment is against the property, not the property owner. The assessment will continue with the parcel when ownership changes.
Does the Township have the name of a road maintenance contractor for hire?
Sorry but the Township does not engage in recommendation of road maintenance contractors for hire. We suggest residents seek references for repairs from neighbors and friends.

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