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The Planning & Zoning Department oversees land use development within Hamburg Township and is responsible for administering the Zoning Ordinance and implementing the Township Master Plan. The Planning & Zoning Department serves as staff to the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals, and manages the following: Review of all Land Use Permits and development proposals; Zoning Ordinance provisions; Variance requests; Land divisions, lot splits, and boundary adjustments; Code enforcement; Special use permits and site plan applications; Floodplain Administration (NFIP/CRS community). 

Planning and zoning staff may be contacted by phone at (810) 231-1000, ext. 222 or by email:

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm
You may mail Land Use Permit Applications to the following address (via USPS):

Hamburg Township
ATTN: Planning and Zoning Department
P.O. Box 157
Hamburg, MI 48139

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Boards and Commissions:
Seeking Volunteers for Planning Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals:
Hamburg Township depends on residents to serve our community on our Planning Commission or Zoning Board of Appeals. Volunteering for one of these is a great way to interact with our fellow residents and help shape the future of our township. To serve on a board or commission, you must live in Hamburg Township. Members of the boards and commissions are appointed by the Hamburg Township Board of Trustees for a term of office. To apply, you may download this application here. For more information, please contact our Zoning and Planning Office. 

  • Planning Commission:
    The Planning Commission (PC) is composed of 7 members. The PC oversees the comprehensive general plan for the physical development of Hamburg Township and serves as a review board for new building or redevelopment plans submitted to the township. The commission reviews cases such as zoning map and zoning code amendments, site plans, conditional use requests, and subdivisions. The commission meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7pm. For more information about the planning commission, refer to our Municode. Chapter 2: Article III: Division II Planning Commission here.

    Jeff Muck, Chair
    John Hamlin 
    Patricia Hughes 
    Victor Leabu Jr 
    Deborah Mariani 
    Ron Muir 
    Joyce Priebe

    Planning Commission Meeting Information

  • Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA):
  • The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is composed of 5 members, including one member from the Planning Commission. The purpose of the ZBA is to hear and decide appeals and to authorize variances from the strict application of the Zoning Ordinance. The ZBA meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm. For more information about the zoning board of appeals, refer to our Municode. Chapter 36: Article V: Zoning Board of Appeals here.

    Joyce Priebe, Chair
    Brian Ignatowski
    Jason Negri   
    William Rill
    Benjamin Russell

            Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Information

Floodplain Information:

A large portion of the Township is comprised of 100-year floodplain. The majority of which is adjacent to the Huron River and the Chain of Lakes. Various floods from these water bodies and river have hit Hamburg Township in recent memory. Information on whether your property is in the 100-year flood plain can be obtained by coming into the Township Offices and have the Zoning Administrator assist you. Maps are available to look at as well as other flood related information. The Township also has Elevation Certificates for new development available back to 1986. All development within the 100-year floodplain (not just construction of buildings, but filling, excavation, fences, etc.) is required to obtain a Township Land Use Permit. Applications must be made prior to doing any work in a floodplain area. Please contact the Township Zoning Administrator to receive all the information you will need in order to properly develop in the floodplain. You may report any illegal development activities to the Planning and Zoning Department. Please call (810) 231-1000 Ext. 231 for further assistance.

Click Here for additional information about Flooding & Floodplains in Hamburg Township

FEMA & EGLE Floodplain Substantial Damage Webinar
FEMA & EGLE Floodplain Management 101 Webinar
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Importance of Identifying the Ordinary High Water Mark-EGLE (AKA MDEQ)

A submerged 'high water mark' upends Michigan's control of the beach -  mlive.com

Homeowners and contractors must attain a permit for a project, especially if it is for a permanent dock, boat hoists, dredging, sand filling and shoreline stabilization. To learn more, check out the EGLE Video Series here at:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXCrWyRfRQVXDdDw7nUanMwnXxpiLlVfM .

High Water Mark Indicators are:
Changes in substrate
Changes in vegetation
Development of a shelf
Change in slope
Presence / Absence of Litter
Water staining
Eroded areas

Updated 3-11-2024 LDP

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